Dynamically changing the text or choices on a page


So, I’m curious if there’s a way using basic choicescript to dynamically add text to the existing passage on the page after a choice, or if you can change the list of choices while keeping the initial text on the same page.

As far as I’m aware, choicescript is structured around page breaks, but is something similar to the text flow in Cape, a game made with Raconteur, possible, or would it just be easier to change to another engine for something like this?

I’m still new to choicescript coding, although I have played a number of games made with the engine, as well as Twine, Inform and Tads. Compared to the latter engines, I feel like cs doesn’t have the same sort of structural cohesion for it’s content.


While there’s no specific command, there’s a few ways you can work around it and achieve the results you want. It’s not going to feel as fluid as the example you linked to though.

There’s other systems better at doing dynamic text.


So it seems.

I guess I’ll just have to find those work-around’s and try not to worry too much about the mess while I’m at it.


If you explain in more detail what you want to do, we can always show you how. There’s a few methods of doing it, depending on precisely what it is you want to do. It won’t look as dynamic though.


It’s fine if it isn’t so dynamic as the example I linked to-- I more specifically just wanted to know if there was a recommended structure or method to keep the previous text on a page after choices. I think I’ll do a bit of exploring by myself for the meantime, but thank you for the offer.


It you are only looking to post the same text after you made a choice would be simple. To keep more then a page of previous text is not that simple, it would be very time consuming to the writer. I could see it being done for more then one page following text, but would be a massively bloated program to write. As @FairyGodfeather has said there are other programs that would handle this better