Story like or game like?


sounds well done…I just wonder how you even code for that though?


@RockStarPenguin, you could have a true/false variable “killed_bandit” and use *if to show different text if it were true or false.


yeah but i’m unsure how to code that


I gave an example in your thread, and so did a couple others.


Yeah that’s basically what I’m saying. Using attributes works in a basic way, but using them exclusively takes a lot of depth out of the choices and the characters. At 100, they like you, at 0 they hate you, and that’s it. Basing it on the specifics of the choices made can give you NPCs who, say, respect the player’s authority but hate the way they treat others, or who really like the player, just not in THAT way, or a slap slap kiss kiss scenario, or any number of other things, all from the same choices. This, of course, assumes you want to WRITE all those different things, but that’s another issue entirely.

If the examples that others have given you in your thread are confusing/you want some more specific help, feel free to PM me and I can show you how to do some fancy coding.


That’s a pretty cool way of going about it, actually. I may do that a couple times in my works. The thing is, though, what if someone was cruel 9 times, and then compassionate once? It’d be weird for the RO to think the MC is compassionate because of that one choice…and then if you’re gonna average out her opinion on you with all the other 9 choices, then that’s doing the same thing as the stats are already doing.


There should be a game where it’s 100% story, until the very last chapter, just to throw people off.




@SpaceLesbian That still sounds like it boils down to making right versus wrong choices though? Even if you’re using say, booleans, same thing. If you’re using several numerals though or a combination, that would be very complex indeed.

I find myself very curious as to how you have set it up, I definately wish to have as realistic romances as code can make it, as long as it won’t take an eternity. So far, I’ve gone with a combination of the two, where say persuasion can sometimes override the negative memories/current status. Might I ask to pm you as well? I’d love to see how you have set it up.