Startup File Missing/Empty

Having a bit of trouble with trying to test my game, as I open up the index file to see it, I’m greeted with this error message.

This is new, as I haven’t touched my startup file in quite some time, and my story Model Citizens has worked perfectly fine in that regards before that. (Even as soon as last week, which is the last time I tested it after doing a bit of writing).

For context, what is in the startup file is:

*title Model Citizens: Unmasked
*author Claire R

*comment character info
*create first_name "Unknown"
*create surname "Unknown"
*create gender "Unknown"
*create he "he"
*create his "his"
*create him "him"
*create he_s "he’s"
*create alias "Unknown"
*create mr "Mr"
*create display_gender "unknown"
*create pronounchange false

*create nick false
*create name "Unknown"
*create nickname "Unknown"

*comment what each of the characters call the MC (if something different from general name)
*create name_fin "Unknown"
*create name_raf "Unknown"
*create name_jacob "Unknown"
*create name_lucy "Unknown"
*create name_yolanda "Unknown"
*create name_eileen "Unknown"
*create name_ricky "Unknown"
*create name_erin "Unknown"

*create name_ash "Unknown"

and so on, down to the scene_list, which still hasn’t changed.

It works on dashingdon, in the forum page itself, etc. which should be identical to what I have on my computer. So I’m a bit confused.

I have a small theory but am unsure: I took a look recently at the Introduction to ChoiceScript webpage, and saw a bit about downloading node.js, I can’t recall if I’ve seen it before and am wondering if there’s been some update to ChoiceScript in the previous week and I’ll need to update my files somehow in some other way.

Any ideas on how to fix this so I can continue to test as I write?

I believe this thread will answer your question (see post 29 and below)


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