"Some lines unstested" error on stat subpage

I meant to make a “Preferences” page on the stats of my game, but can’t manage to make it work properly and I’m not sure why.

The error I’m getting is “14-20 (second *choice onwards) untested”

My code looks like this:

*label chocie
  #Show only text
    *set jos1 true 
    *goto chocie
  #Show only percentage bars
    *set jos2 true
    *goto chocie

//These are the untested lines 
    *goto_scene statsre

(*return since my stats screen is set this way):

*label main_stats
Stats stuff
    *gosub_scene statsconf
    *goto main_stats

I saw some games having more than one *choice per page, but am I overlooking something setting it up this way?

It looks like you’re in an infinite loop. Both #options in your first *choice lead back to the label “chocie,” so the same code repeats ad infinitum

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Technically, if I use fake_choice and erase the gotos it should not loop, but I can’t manage to have both *choices on the same page. The game waits for me to choose a preference then asks me if I want to return to stats. Any ideas on that?

Gotcha! I think this is what you’re looking for.

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You’re a savior! Thank you!

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