Single-choice choiceblocks

Bonus Points for little differences in the flavortext following the coiceblock.

So, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it yesterday, but on reflection I think it’s because a “choice” is usually that, but it’s also more in that it is also more broadly how the reader interacts with the story.

For example a sad pre-end game scene of leaving a comrade or lover, with a one choice finisher:

# Say Goodbye

By making it a choice, although it’s not a “choice”, the reader may feel like they are indeed doing the thing. There’s a “locking in” finale like feel to it.

I’m not saying you can’t get something similar with a page break, but I think there’s something tactile about selecting an option, even if it is the only one available.


Oh I am sure it works for other readers, it’s just nothing for me.
If it is at the end of the page and I click it, for me it is simply the same as a Page Break. It does not mean something special for me. Most times I might not even notice it, if it is sparely used. But If I notice there is always that little part of me that thinks “This could have been a choice, a chance to get something special even If it is Just a different flavor text.”
But that’s a me thing.
I am also a person who loves flavor text, so as long as the text is a little different I would not consider the choice as a fake choice.

Also potentially something to do with the fact that people (at least some of them, at least some of the time) pay more attention to choices than page breaks or the rest of the text?

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