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Not. :neutral_face:

I mean, that’s all I can really say; I didn’t notice anything obviously European in the demo, and the setting seemed suitably fantastic. :man_shrugging:

It took a little getting used to, I’ll admit, although once I did it was fine. One problem I did note, though, is that verbs would often switch from singular to plural when they shouldn’t (as well as when they should… :sweat_smile:) Basically, a person who is named or described (e.g. “Emacien”, “your mother”, “the general”) should have a singular verb, while only pronouns (i.e. “they”) should have plural verbs.

I did notice that the Emperor was referred to as “he”. I’m assuming this was for effect, but my MC didn’t seem to notice the use of the unusual pronoun. :confused:


Ah, yes. :sweat_smile:
My language don’t use plural case verbs, so it’s pretty hit or miss if I remember to think about it, or just go with whatever my first thought is. Also, I often change a name or title to “they”, or the other way around, and then forget to change the verb.
I’ll fix specific ones if they are pointed out, but other than that, I think I’m just going to do a proper line-by-line edit, when the prologue is completed. :blush:

The ianistan do use he/she pronouns when refering to foreigners, to show respect. :smile:
I italized it to show that they are pretty much using another language. So far it only comes up with the Emperor, or if you choose honey-coloured hair, but there will be a few more.
Maybe I should put quotation mark around them as well? :thinking:


The next update is going to take a while.

I had a crash last tuesday, and it’s taken me a week to get above water, and start working again.
A lot of the coding is done, but I have some scenes to write, and I’m not feeling very motivated to do so. :expressionless:

As a… consolation, I bring you a preview of how the stat page can look after the next update, and a portrait of Westaria, one of the characters you will meet, when the story reach chapter 2.
(The drawing has been added to post nr. 2, as well. I will do that with all art and extras.)


Stat page

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