Set character in prologue?


I know alot of people here prefer to be able to create their own character but what do people think about using a set character briefly in a prologue?

I don’t mean not have character creation but to start the game as the same character just while you introduce the player to the world and get them used how the game works [aka a tutorial] then when the game officially starts you create your character.

For an example my next project after ‘Unnatural’ is a fantasy game called ‘Veho’. In this game the Veho [Rider] are a group of eight warriors gifted the power of the Gods [in this case dragons] well the main character is someone who is chosen to compete to become one after an devastating event caused the death of four of their members.

I thought it might be interesting if the game starts during the event and the player assumes control of a woman called Kaila who is the ‘Veho of Occasus’ [Rider of the West] and they through this vignette the player learns of the history of the world, and get introduced to the game’s combat then at the end of the prologue the game would jump forward so many years where the player creates their own character and the game continues.


Eh, I think it can be pulled off if done well and briefly, the transition would also have to work well, cause the character switch can be very jarring.


To do this, I’d start the prologue with third-person descriptives, then change to second-person when you switch characters. Have a clear cut between the two, perhaps a single sentence “Seven years later” or similar. I think it would be hard to do well, but if you can pull it off it would be an interesting start to a story.


I’d have to agree with Andy. Switching writing perspective would definitely help with the transition. I think you’d also have to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the prologue character so the player has a better understanding of what they’re creating once they start making their own character.


I agree with Andy too. Use the third-person for the set character, so as to give some distance between said character and the player character.