September 2023 Writer Support Thread

This month, I am mostly going through withdrawal.

Vampire’s Kiss was finished two months ago. Last month I got some sub queries and made a few final tweaks. For September… nothing. For October… just waiting for it to be released. I’m cold turkey on writing, now!

Given I’m waiting to see how VK is received, I’m not starting anything new. I have ideas, I have thoughts, I have very different styles that might be a little experimental but I’d love to try. But this month nothing has been written, or is likely to be written. It’s a strange and alien experience.



I hope your Vampire’s Kiss will do well. Congratulations for getting that far! I had a “finished” product---- one I spent a lot of time on---- And it got more attention for being terrible than anything else. Now I get far fewer comments. I don’t know how to take that either. But, if you like to write, I wouldn’t wait to and see how VK does. Write to keep the juices flowing---- to satisfy that need. As far as coding a game, I get that. On a weekly basis I think “writing a book would be easier for me” Something where I don’t need to worry about character customization or whether people want to play as an MC with flaws or one who is Epic---- or even harder for me, an MC that you give over to someone who now controls their destiny. Part of nesting a great story is having all the pieces and characters read-to-go and in place at the right time. And writing in 2nd person has its own problems. It’s a lot for a learning writer. Sorry, this was supposed to be a motivating reply. I guess I have a case of the Mondays. Feeling like I’m a bit of a fool for trying---- But what an amazing feeling it would be to get published. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


I came pretty darn close to finishing my ridiculous goal for this month :astonished: I got about half of my current chapter done (original goal was 2/3rds) and I should have the full draft of my Halloween Jam entry done by the end of this week.

I didn’t really expect to meet the original goal, so coming this close to it feels like a big accomplishment! I hope everyone else’s goals are going wonderfully, even if they had to be adjusted like mine :laughing:



Chapter 24 of Last Dream is now online!

Well, it’s just half of it, but I am happy!

Thank you, everyone, for your constant support! We will make it happen!


I am here today to show my deeper admiration to @Cecilia_Rosewood Cecilia has been suffering as many people here problems and doubts. She has working on her Halloween jam entry very hard and fighting with the doubts many of us here know well.

CECILIA HAS ENDED HER GAME!!! And I can not be more happy for her. Hopefully this will help you to gain confidence to publish. If you have ended one project with time to spare, you can do anything.

For me this jam is already a success. Knowing I helped at least a little someone


@Dash I feel this so much. It’s such a surreal feeling being done and I always feel a bit lost after (and then rush onto the next thing a bit too quickly rather than having a rest… sigh). I’m looking forward to Vampire’s Kiss coming out!

@Sailingshells that’s amazing!

@Gilbert_Gallo congratulations, great work!

@Cecilia_Rosewood well done!!! And thank you to @poison_mara for your kind support!

I have been feeling sorry for myself and sick the last few days and anticipate that not getting much better for at least a couple more, but I really enjoyed playtesting @Felicity_Banks’ IF Comp game today. It reminded me how much I liked Fine Felines :heart_eyes_cat:


Don’t overwork yourself, Hannah. And just trying to recover your energy and why you love writing in the first place.

Forgot all the adult responsabilities in your work as writer. And just rekindle with your creative juice plan something crazy just for fun and with no planning.

Remember you not only have your spouse, you have a entire forum and beyond rooting for you.


Thank you, that’s so kind :heart: Honestly the thing I love about my CoG writing is that I’m able to do what I really enjoy, make characters I love, etc and have control and freedom about what I’m doing. I am itching to get back to it when I’m not feeling so poorly!


Well done @Cecilia_Rosewood I was sure I was finished myself but as I checked it before uploading the files I noticed I had missed something. It shall be done before I go to bed.


Don’t rush it. This is not a race. Take your time The beta thread will be ready when you are!

Don’t make me be all grumpy on you for over working!


Arguably I’m not finished either. I just deleted the last leftover choice option because I’d rather get feedback about the branches I did completely than to agonize about not finishing the game in time for the remainder of the week.

If inspiration strikes I can still add it before then anyway.

Plus, my game is only about 9000 words long, and I dare to bet yours is a couple times that size.


How do jams work, exactly? Like small writing projects, right? I always worked alone when I wrote stuff - it’s kind of scary to show raw stuff to other people.

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Oh I’m not rushing don’t worry about that. I’ve set myself some reasonable deadlines that’s all. : -)


Size is not Everything

That is a reminder to everyone. Here in the forum are ill used to Giant games Five times the size of Philosopher stone or the hobbit.

But that’s not common. That is not normal size in any writing media.

Anyway, After the jam if you and people love your game you have all time in the universe to reach 35k or more and be a hosted.

Remember Choice of dragon size and being proud of your work. Several novel prizes have written short stories loved even today.

Never understimate the power of short stories!


For the jam, I decided to try something different for this game I wanted to write the first draft of the game (as it’s meant to be short) before getting feedback from readers. It’s an experiment I am looking forward to seeing how well it works.


Thank you @HannahPS! I hope you have lots of soup and vicks around to help you get back to health :sparkles:



GOOD JOB! You worked really hard!


Hey now, feeling sick and down is valid. You’re not a bad person or awful or anything, and sometimes, being sick and letting yourself rest gets you back up and running way faster than if you tried to push through it! You’ll be okay!


I have fiveish days left to complete all my goals set out for this month and… Yeahhhh, I don’t think I’ve actually gotten any closer to my goals. TAT

  • Finish Chapter One of Phoenix Rising - Not a chance. I haven’t even finished the section I meant to before I planned on updating the Dashingdon.
  • Outline Chapter Two - Not a chance.
  • Implement any feedback on Chapter One - Been working on that! Got a lot of it done, and added a section that allows for those interested to select the GENITALS of their CHARACTER and the ROs! hahahahahahah I’m ace as hell, why do I have to do this. TAT
  • Figure out how to stream some of my coding sessions (yes I’ll link to them) - DONE!
  • Add another month of posts to the Nascent Souls Studios Tumblr - NOT DONE
  • Get a full-time job (self explanatory) - STILL DONT HAVE. TAT

This is what I’ve been wanting to hear for so long. I love posting my Maverick profiles on the thread.

On other news, I went for some hiring event last week and met up with some of my university friends. Goals nowhere near finished, but I’m inching along.


Is it insane to think of a game that is part point and click, part Metroidvania, part MYST exploration and part RPG? I know I will have to probably settle on one or two eventually but right now I have elements that could work with all of them. Probably need to get some solid planning done anyway. :sweat_smile:

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It’s a good idea to ask the interactive fiction forum for this one. The folks over there are better able to guide you. I’ve been trying to come up with something like this but to no avail. I think parser games will be better suited for these features you’re planning to incorporate.

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