Save feature in CoG and HG games

Hello! Not sure if this has been asked before, but I’m just wondering why CoG and HG releases don’t have the save feature that’s present in most WIPs. This seems like a super handy feature; when I reread a (regular) book, I sometimes prefer jusr revisiting my favorite scenes. With CoG, sometimes it does feel like a slog to click through hundreds of pages just to view one scene after playing that game multiple times.

One reason I could think of for this not being incorporated might be because it can be abused for achievement hunting but surely the pros outweigh the cons?


I think it’s because the save slots are viewed more as a convenience for beta-testers and proofreaders; and the releases don’t have them because it’s supposed to be more “book-like” or smooth. (lack of better wording :sweat_smile:)
After all, what’s the fun in being able to go through every scene/achieve everything in one playthrough?


It has! Have a look here, for a starter: Consolidated "Saves in Choice of Games and Hosted Games" Thread