Reference error showAchievements is not defined :(


hi friends
Assuming I did something wrong, which I don’t know if I did. I created a single achievement and it works, but when I click the achievement button it shows this error Reference error. showAchievements is not defined. Did I miss something? How much volume of coffee do I have to drink to fix it?طراحی سایت ثبت دامنه
Got any links or tips?


Are you on cside?

If yes it seems to be a known problem.
Try testing in firefox/safari or on dashingdon in that case


Ah yes, I am using CSIDE. And now, for some reason…I did something, and it seems to be working??? Like wtf?

EDIT: I think I made a thread about this, and… they just copy and pasted it hahahhaha


Despite the title of that thread it doesn’t seem to read like you had the problem in CSIDE? What’s the story here? If there is indeed such a bug in CSIDE I will move to fix it, but I am not aware of it.


It’s an error message when you click the Achievement button. Although the achievement trigger works.
For some reason after a few days my achievement button worked. I think I did something, I’m not sure what


@Bathala spammers seem to really like your issue with CSIDE. @moderators can we close this thread so that nobody clicks the questionable link accidentally?