Queerplatonic Relationship

Okay, so I love how much representation there is in choice of games and hosted games as a whole, and I’m over the moon about how many games you can be aspec (aromantic and/or asexual.) But something I’ve yet to see, and it would make me over the moon to have, is a game where you can be in a queerplatonic relationship with a ro. There are games where you can befriend ros which I love, and Creme De La Creme came the closest, being able to platonically mary some of the ros which is pretty much a QPR in all but name. But I’d love it if there were an actual game where you can specifically be in a QPR with one or more ros, like officially. Am I the only one?


I have a qpp and I’d absolutely love to see more of this.


Holmes and Watson in ‘‘Sherlock Holmes - An Affair of the Heart’’ or aaoth for short, has that kind of deep bond


The only IFs I can think about that offers QPD is Study by Gaslight and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
Both are Sherlock and Watson, though the first one changes the names and the setting a little, it’s still the same classic dynamic.


Check out Dawnfall from Heart’s Choice, which offers exactly that.


Really? Thank you! :heart_eyes:

Yep! Romance is possible, but so are platonic soulmate relationships. The author herself is aro-ace.


The reason I didn’t know about Dawnfall is because I didn’t get the Heart’s Choice app. Being aroace I didn’t think it would have anything to interest me, but I’m glad I was wrong about that.


There are several other HC games that either explicitly allow you to be aro and/or ace, or simply don’t require you to get into a romance to get through the story. I don’t think any other explicitly offers platonic soulmates, but you can cultivate friendships or “found family.” I especially recommend Heart of Battle.


My WIP, Falrika the Alchemist, has two queerplatonic relationships among the four ROs. The other two are a straight platonic one and a queer relationship that has a definite kiss. You may need to wait for the full release to find out.

Stronghold: a hero’s fate and Gilded rails also let you have platonic partners! And The Passenger. So does The play’s the thing!:smile:

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Oh and Tesla, of course, if you play non-female character