Problems With Relationships? (Specifically Juliet) (Spoilers!)


So far, Juliet Rogers is my favorite character of Choice of Romance. However, I can’t seem to manage to build a good relationship with her. Even when we were married, living together, and going on vacations together, our relationship stayed at “very good” 67%. And when she was killed, my character merely felt cold for a moment, then continued on as though her wife meant nothing to her.

I’ve had a hard time building a meaningful relationship with Juliet. How do I make a better relationship with her? I’d at least like my character to feel something when she’s killed…

Use the game code, luke.

…Joking aside, if you really want to know, peek into Choice of Romance’s game code by adding /scenes/startup.txt after the game name in the URL, and look for the variable that describes your relation with Juliet. Then search for statements that say *set (variable). You will find everything that can modify the relationship values.

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Choice of Romance or Choice of Robots?

Or I could just do that, yeah. facepalm Thanks.