Problems with *if (var1 > x) and (var2 > y) #choice

Thanks in advance for the help, the title kind of tells it all…

I want the player to be able to choose an option if two conditions hold true. First his reputation must be higher than 4 and his agility must be higher than 7.

My code is something like

*if (fighter_rep > 4) and (agility > 7) #I will be a gym teacher

The error message is invalid expression at characther x, found bolean operator [AND]

I then went to the choice script wiki and went over the various possible expressions and found:

And / Or / Not

In addition, it’s possible to assign two or more conditions to a single *if statement, using and / or. Note that when checking two or more conditions simultaneously, parentheses are required to separate them, as follows:

And: *if (var1 > 10) and (var2 > 20)

Which looks rather similar to what i am trying to do…

What am i doing wrong?

Once again, thanks for the support.

TECHNICALLY, you can only have 1 *if requirement. You can have multiple requisites, but they have to be inside a single pair of parentheses.

For sake of time, just do this:

*if ((fighter_rep>4) and (agility>7)) #I will be a gym teacher

Edit: Slightly more in-depth explanation I made a while back.

Wow… that easy? I feel like a newb :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile: much appreciated