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Hi all, I’m just wondering if it’s possible to generate a version of a game which reads much like a CYOA book (Fighting Fantasy), with numbered sections and each option/choice has the corresponding number (page) you should skip to if you select that choice?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, did you ever look inside the script of any game? It will show you that what you’re asking would be very very difficult to do for more complex games. Every page has variations and its content changes depending of your previous choices. It’s not as simple as IF the choice is B then GOTO page X.

If you want to check the script of your game then add


to the address of your game’s page. For example:

There you can find the names of the chapters so you can replace the word ‘startup’ with the name of the chapter. You have to buy the game first if you want to see it all though.

No, as far as I know. CoG/HG games tend to do more than stat-checks and dierolls that it’s inconvenient to try to simulate it on pen and paper. Aside from the code being unable to export games into readable pen-and-paper format, it would be an effort for an author to try to adapt their code into exportable one.

If your concern is to be able to skip certain sections of the game, you might be interested in how to code-dive the game you’re playing.

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Really, I just want to create a basic CYOA that I can print, but knowing that I have the power to advance my skills with ChoiceScript later on would be beneficial.
In my case, I’d want to be able to link to other sections, shuffle them (and their numbering), have their page/section numbers updated or have the ability to lock certain sections in place etc. Is this not possible at all with ChoiceScript?


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No. CS works by arranging the sections via “labels” which can be read forward like a simple novel. These sections aren’t numbered, meaning for a linear passage, you can read them continuously, unlike FF where the passage could span a page+ and is split into multiple numbers.

If you don’t mind me asking, are you planning to write CYOA in book format?

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Yup :grin:

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