Opinions on story making

What are your favorite mechanics or choice options from previous games? I’m trying to make a story and I want to make a story people will love!

That is a pretty vague question, but I guess the general rule would be making it so that the player’s choices actually change something in the story, they need to have some kind of impact.

It might take longer, but the final product is usually worth it because of the replay value.

I feel cheated whenever I play a game 3 or 4 times and the same events happen every single time, boooooring!


Well I’m referring to anything really that’s why it’s so vague. Like if you want a game that is micro managing the people you influence or macro managing it all?

By the way, I feel like this post is in the wrong category.

Works in Progress is usually reserved for “Nameofthegame (WIP)” threads.

Perhaps Game Development would be a better category for general discussion about story making?