Nonbinary character in a fantasy Victorian-esque setting?

Hello! This is something I have done in my Crème de la Crème series which is not set in the real world but in an early-20th-century-flavoured non-heteronormative setting.

There is some interesting discussion in a variety of directions on the below thread which may be worth taking a look at:

As well as this post onwards on another thread:

I think it’s fine to offer a variety of options, but it depends on what you feel like doing really. There’s some fun gender-non-conforming costuming in the Gentleman Jack TV series which might be inspiring, for example, or Sarah Waters adaptations.

There is “your Grace”, “your Honour” or similar, or a made-up title. I don’t think there’s really a wrong answer there.

This is an interesting one - again I don’t think there’s really one right or wrong answer but it’s worth putting thought into how strict social norms/rules about masculinity or femininity would interact with a culture presented as LGBT-friendly (especially as the way some Victorians talked about being gay, for example, overlapped with how we might talk about being nonbinary today). I don’t think it’s impossible but it does complicate things.

As well as what @AletheiaKnights mentions, it’s also interesting to see settings that include gender norms/roles while departing from the structures that exist in the real world. A setting where men are expected to exert their power through afternoon tea etc, maybe.