A Matter of Respect: Gender-Neutral Pronoun Guide and Discussion

Hi everyone. I’ve been struggling to come up with a certain form of address for NB protagonists in my game, and I was hoping someone around here might have some advice for me. (I hope this is the right thread for it—if not, my apologies)

So basically my game is set in a somewhat old-fashioned and socially rigid society (think Victorian era) with a young protagonist, and I don’t know what would be appropriate as a formal honorific for NB PCs.

For males and females I’m using Master and Miss respectively, but I have no idea what equivalent non-binary honorific I could use (and I don’t want something like Mx that’s pulled straight from the modern era). In some contexts I think the word “one” fits fairly well (young master/young miss/young one), but it’s not a straight replacement because it doesn’t work in certain situations. For example, say I want to refer to the PC by name, Master John works, but One John clearly doesn’t.

Has anyone here, by chance, encountered this specific problem before, or have any suggestions for a gender-neutral equivalent (something that sounds polite and respectful) to Master and Miss?