New "In the Service of Mrs. Claus" Christmas Expansion Out Now!

Not explicitly, but yeah, they were a total jerk before, and if you ended up with them the game was like “They lose interest in you and start flirting with others.”

Edit: The old code (if not married) was:

Your relationship has gone off the deep end. @{(flame_romance = 3) Flame was never invested in the first place. | Flame started cheating on you after just a few weeks.} It seems as if he is almost incapable of feeling any sort of loyalty in a relationship. At least that’s what you tell yourself.

I remember loving the game despite not being a Christmas person when it first was released and now…it’s even more enjoyable! I like the idea of having a little expansion on the game every year or so and it’s a very interesting way to do things, I also wouldn’t mind paying for one or a sequel either.

The writing and world are still really great and I love how the triple threat your up against feels well handled and not just a mess and all felt like they were dangerous and really needed my and Castle Clause’s attention so it felt great everytime I succeeded in doing my job as the second list checker.

I had planned to make new character when I saw there was an expansion…but I ended up making my Yuletide Batman again lol. Ok look, that character was so fun to play using a combo of tinkering/trickery/connections and being grumpy but also very loyal to his friends and Castle Clause in general. My favorite part still was the singlehandedly holding against the Nightmare King’s army with the sort of improvised hate-gatling gun until reinforcements arrived..

Still could help but romancing Mrs. Clause and thought the romance expansion was nice so good job on that and also making Flickering Flame seem more connected to the MC and the castle too!

Anyway, thanks for the expansion that you didn’t even need to do for your already great game @Brian_Rushton!

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