[New Game] The Trouble with Wumples


The Trouble with Wumples by Horace Torys
A new planet, a new language, a new life. Just going to supper with a friend can bring total disaster when dealing with the local culture and wildlife. How will you adapt? Find out in this bite-sized sci-fi story.


The first ChoiceScript flash fiction? Comments welcome.


I think the game’s great. It’s length allows you to find all the endings in 5 minutes, which is both a pro and a con. It allows you to experiment, but the number of endings were too few in my opinion.

Still, it managed to make me laugh =D


So cute! Love the happy ending, ending. Well written short game!


Good game really short though.


Wow. I cant wait to read it when I get home!


Nice game. Very cute…


It is really cute.


One of the best user made games I’ve read thus far.


… Horace buddy… I wasn’t feeling it… Maybe its just me … I felt there wasn’t enough back ground story and info… lol but for a short story it was fun…


B-) 4/5* for me… overall I enjoied it…


5/5* for me! :smiley:


Thanks for the positive feedback, all. Yes, it was intended to be short and cute. I actually wrote it for a class in one evening, as a joke for my wife who was taking the class with me. She can’t stand to see anything suffer…


Small but good.


nice game but very short :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice game, I liked it. :smiley:


the happy ending is when you eat the mother wrumpet for chasing you down the streets right? I mean what could be better than revenge.


@CommunistSam where you been at bro? :stuck_out_tongue:


Weirdcute :slight_smile:


hehehe. Short and sweet.