New ChoiceScript: *create has changed, mygame.js is optional

For a clean upgrade you should really do nothing but copy your mygame.js and scene files into the new folders i.e. overwrite everything but those, including index.html.

Huh, I think that’s what I did. I certainly haven’t ever touched an index.html file. But I’ll do it again later and make sure.

Hm. Nope, still not working. I guess my next step is to get rid of my mygame.js and use the new one?

Too late to edit:
Nope nope. In fact, I went into a newly unzipped directory based on what I downloaded off the main ChoiceScript page tonight and edited the existing Startup just to change the title, and it only changed the window name. And yet it DOES work in the choicescript test window you provided, CJW. I am… puzzled.

( for a screencap)

Almost ETA: Ah. It’s Firefox, somehow? IE works, and I do my normal webbrowsing (thus my reading here) in Chrome.

And confirmed using the code tester in IE and Firefox as well as Chrome. Whee. I will now stop fussing about it since it doesn’t SEEM to be me.

@dfabulich @Chrysoula
You’re correct, it doesn’t change the content title in Firefox. Good find!
innerText isn’t supported by it.

Strange side comment - is it better to use IE or Chrome when looking at our games?

@StanTheMan Well Chrome won’t run the games locally/offline, so you’d have to use IE out of the two, online it shouldn’t make it any odds, just pick your favourite (I prefer Chrome or Firefox).

@StanTheMan IIRC Firefox is intended to be the ‘main’ web browser. The error reports show up more cleanly on it (unless that has been tweaked).

Interesting. Still using it, of course, but I wondered since it wasn’t making the title change. Minor of course, but still, it’s nice to see one’s title there as one works. :wink:

I’ve fixed the *title bug in Firefox in the latest ChoiceScript.

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You’re the best! I’ll upload the newest version now…

I really like the new Choicescript, especially the *create and *temp and also the new Percentage.

Ok I have used this code before a dozen times, but since I upgraded to the latest CoG getting an error.

*if ((bet=>1)and(bet=<99) 
 Wager excepted.
 *set wager bet
 *goto part_5

The *if is line 86
line 86: Invalid expression at char 6, expected NUMBER, STRING, VAR or PARENTHETHICAL, was: INEQUALITY [>]

have also tried this to check

*if (bet=>1)
 Wager excepted.
 *set wager bet
 *goto part_5

Same error, but

*if (bet=1)
 Wager excepted.
 *set wager bet
 *goto part_5

Works just fine.

I believe it’s >= not =>.

I tried

*if ((bet>=1)and(bet=>99)
 Wager excepted.
 *set wager bet
 *goto part_5

Same error then tried

*if ((bet>=1)and(bet<=99)
 Wager excepted.
 *set wager bet
 *goto part_5

getting error
line 86: Invalid expression, expected final closing parenthesis

Your missing another ) after 99)

*temp bet 2
*temp wager

*if ((bet>=1)and(bet<=99))
 Wager excepted.
 *set wager bet
 *goto part_5

*label part_5

Works fine for me

worked thanks a lot.
*Edit thanks to you as well @CJW

I’m surprised I didn’t see this thread before now, I seem to have become too accustomed to skipping over the stickied threads. My loss. So I’m going to chime in a little late here…

@dfabulich Nice work! I always wondered why we were editing a js file just to create persistent variables and set up a scene list for choicescript. This is simpler and more elegant. Along the same line of thought, I don’t suppose that labels in startup.txt could also be made persistent so that they can be accessed from all the other scene files as well? That would be incredibly useful for those tasks that need to exist in almost every scene file, like say selecting a weapon.

Your plan for the ref commands also sounds good. I’m willing to live with quicktest not being able to guarantee that they work. I need to download the latest version and play with it. Hopefully create and temp, now that they can take values, will also work with references too. Being able to use a loop to dynamically create a pile of variables would be handy for certain things.

Will the wiki be updated?