Need help with some common errors!

I have a seemingly perfact code, but the error "expected choice body keeps popping up. How do I fix this?! Please help!

You are paying bills. One particular Comcast bill is very expensive. You do not have enough money to pay for it.

#Fabricate a plan to rob a bank in order to secure the necicsary funds.
The bank you choose has few guards, but has a highly advanced computer security system. How will you rob the bank?
#Hack the security mainframe, sneak in the vault, and steal the money.
Now, after many weeks, you have the money. What will you do?
#pay the bill
*label apartment
You pay the bill, and continue with your life. A month later, the IRS comes knocking at your door,
there for a random audit. Oh No, they might find out you obtained some money illeagally.
#Go through the audit
The IRS questions how you were able to pay the riddiculous Comcast bill. Do you:
#Fess up
You go to jail.
#Deny it
The IRS doesn’t buy it. You go to jail.
#flee to florida
*goto florida
#gun down the IRS agents with your .44 magnum
Soon, others come. Do you:
#face the hordes.
You fight well, but they eventually overwhelm you. You die nobely.
#flee to florida
*goto florida
#flee to florida.
*goto florida
#use the money to go to florida and flee your home.
*goto florida
#run in to the lobby with a ski mask and you .44 and demand the money from one of the clerks.
You walk in and raise your gun in the air. “Everybody down, or someone gets hurt.
This will only take a minute,” you yell. Everyone screams and drops to the floor. You point your 44. at
the nearest clerk, and just as you are about to demand he give you all the money in the house, to your suprise
he pulls out a fully loaded Tompson sub-machien gun from under the counter.
#Drop your puny little pea-shooter, run outside, and flee to florida,
As you head outside, you notice a shiny new ferrari with a full tank of gas and the keys in the ignition.
#I steal the ferrari and flee to florida
*goto florida
#I take the ferrari, and sell it to pay off the Comcast bill.
*goto apartment
#shoot the clerk
Oh No! He was wearing a bullet-proof vest! He returns fire, putting so many bullet holes in you that the
undertaker mistakes you for swiss cheese. While the clerk blows smoke smoke off the muzzel, you die slowly.
#cancel Comcast
You tell 'em to put that @&%^!@ cabel box where the sun don’t shine. You then live a mediocer life watching
TV from the fourlocal channels over the air.
#flee to florida
*label florida
You purchase a house to move into for when you reach florida. What do you buy?
#a condo
You live in comfort!
#a beach-side shack
You get a great view of the ocean!
#a mobile home
You meat many interesting people!

You arrive in florida, and now attempt to create a normal life for yourself. One day you learn that the government has finally lightend up
to the fact that the only people living in florida are either retitered or felons. So, for the greater good of humanity, they decide to nuke it,
  #flee to mexico
    which you do. have a happy life.
  #Purchase a AAA gun with what's left of your money, and try to shoot down the bomber before it crosses state lines.
    The plane is hit directly on the bomb bay, and it dentonates in mid-air. You are the hero of Florida!

here’s the code. the eroor seems to happen on line 7#1 where you make the choice to hack the system

Are your indentations correct? :slight_smile: Also you might want to try…


instead of…


As falconess said, it’s probably an indentation problem. You need to replace the spaces with dashes for them too show up in the forum properly.




here is the code, with all of my spaces replaced with _s. I hope this helps you help, er, me. :slight_smile:

No obvious scripting errors at a quick glance . . . but those two or three lines with very little indentation, that’s just a posting error, right? If they do actually have an extra carriage return before them (putting them on a new line) as it appears here, then that would cause problems.

There’s an error on your first “*flee to florida” line (line 22 in the code above). You need an extra 2 spaces before “*goto florida”

Aside from that, the code looks good.

Thanks Andy, I didn’t catch that before. And yes Vendetta, those carridge returns are just a posting error. After correcting these problems, though, I still have a bug. Is there anyone who can tell me wwhat the heck is wrong with my code!? The quicktest identifies the error as an “expected choice body” on line 6#1 (7 in the code above). The heck does that mean!? X_X

Okay, quick clarification: Normally an error will say the line number, then a character number. So that ‘line 6 #1’ probably is line six, then the first character. That leads to a question: is the first ‘*choice’ also the first line in the scene?

If it is, my first guess would be mixed tabs and spaces for indentation. Are you using Notepad++? If so, you may want to go into settings>preferences>misc. and turn off auto-indent.

No, what is listed unsure the first choice (hack the security mainframe …) is not shown in the scene it tales you to.

And, no, I do not mix tabs and spaces.