Nature Of Temp

Hi everyone,

I’m back with another question, this time it’s about *temp

Image 1:

Image 2:

I believe the nature of *temp is that value in “*temp a” will be cleared once we move to another files,
but why it still prints “100” just like the first time I initiated it?

Image 3:

I need some clarification regarding the nature of *temp, thank you.

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The scope of scene A is not removed from memory when you transition to a subroutine. The subroutine scene is placed on the scene stack, then removed and the temp variables from scene A are not reset when you go back.

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so on what occasion that values in *temp will be cleared?

I believe *temp will play a major role on how I code my game, so I kinda need to know how it works,
it would be disastrous when some values just disappearing on runtime because I miscalculated how *temp works.

thank you very much

Use temp variables when you want to use that variable only in the scope of that particular scene. Even if you go from scene A to B then back to A again, they wont be cleared unless you reinitialize them. But, temp variables are only referencable from the scene you create them.

TLDR: use regular variables for permanent states you want to transfer across scenes (player stats, skills, etc) and temp variables for states that dont influence states in other scenes.


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