I don’t know if I’m just exceptionally stupid or what but I cannot get multireplace to function. If anyone has functional multireplace code from their games with three options or more I’d love to see it because I’ve gotten to the point in frustrated tears trying to get this nonsense to work to no avail


You’ve got a problem with the *set car 2 and *set car 3 being unreachable, because the *goto on those choices has already sent the game on to *label radio before reaching the *set. If you change that, does it work?

my apologies, i did forget i screenshoted this before i added in the other *label radios

wish that would have fixed things cause i have done that before where i found very obvious fixes and felt silly

Could you screenshot the current not-working version?

Just in case it’s not clear, I’m saying you need to have

*set car 2
*goto radio

instead of

*goto radio
*set car 2

because in the second case the code never reaches *set car 2

When you create “car” what value does it have? If you *create car 0, the code also won’t work, because multireplace needs to include all possible values of the variable in your game.


In what way is it not functioning? What’s the result you expect, and what’s the result you get?

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