More stories, Appreciation...Etcera

I’ve exhausted all the WIPS that I found interesting so to all my lovely writers keep it up I’m so amazed at the content that you guys are writing even though I selfishly want more regular updates I appreciate your hardwork and commitment to your projects


It’s understandable to be honest :joy:… writing / publishing some means investing alot of time in your work, at times it pays of - others well :pensive:

:nerd_face: There’re other outstanding literatures out there, but I’ve always found in difficult reading them, mainly cuz there’re non - role playing books that’s why I loved reading Goosebumps growing up…
Role - playing games / writing is experimental, engaging, fulfilling but I wouldn’t say rewarding often twice if not more taxing to make :cry::sob:

I’ve always wanted to ask this question :thinking:… Is it better to write a masterpiece or to read one… and if you choose the former, then how much time did you take to appreciate the work you made?..

I am of the impression most people who produce creative stuff (art, writing, music) usually think their own stuff is… not that good. So I’m going to wager that most of the people who create masterpieces don’t, in fact, appreciate it at all.