(for those at home, I yanked the last version of the beta because I found some problems. But now I need testers!!!)

Hi I sent an email please may I join

For testers of the last go around, does the new link still apply? 

Or do you want completely fresh new eyes for this go round?

I have also sent an email and let me just say I’m super excited

The link still applies, and I’m very interested to hear your thoughts. Especially on the Sinhuanaba section.

Hello, I sent an email.

I’ve sent a email to become a beta tester and I would love to give you feedback on your game.

Email sent, would love to check it out.

Email sent :blush: !!!

Also shot an email over to you, Jason.

Hi Jason, I just sent an email to you. I would love to help beta test this game

so my reply cant really fit in here but ill email it.

P.S. I added the flow of choices i made so that there was a clear understanding of what i did.

What would be considered mid-level feedback? Problems/criticisms of the gameplay itself?

New draft is up! Old testers, would love to hear your thoughts! Happy to take new testers as well!

Mid-level is grammar issues.

Steaming MetaHuman Inc.