Master List: Links for Beginners


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Visual Studio Code ( free, open source, runs on Mac, Linux, Windows) now has a choice script syntax highlighting plugin called ChoiceScript VSCode for those that want to use it as there development tool.


Hi,I just join Choice of Games a few weeks now and are interested to write a my own game.I am not a skillful writer nor scripter.
Any tips for begginers?


Is there anything specific you want to know? Coding tips, or tips in general?


The best thing to do is to start with the basics. Use the links up top in the first post to get you started. There are also some good youtube tutorials for starting from scratch. And the wiki is a great resource for questions as well.


Don’t just do the tutorials; write down the code you can use and the rules you need to use it.

Also, indents. For the love of god, indents.


Hey, I’m looking to start making my own MCG and am currently new to ChoiceScript, so I was wondering if someone could give a couple of tips while programming and a couple of possible genres to base off. Thanks :sweat_smile:


Start simple.

Make a mini-scenario game to get yourself familiarized with CScript environment.


For genres, superhero and fantasy are definitely popular ones. Steampunk or romance also work for a lot of people.


Hmm okay, been running a few test runs here and there but still trying to get everything down but is there like a vid on CScript? I’m more of a visual learner so watching a tutorial might speed me through the learning process


Been playing Hosted and CoG games for about 3-4 years now and I noticed that fantasy genres dominates the Google Play library so I guess that’s a no no right? Unless I manage to cook up a hell of a story. Are there any games or books on steampunk that you could suggest? Would love to learn more about it


Here’s a vid which should fit for super-beginner on CScript coding.


hmmm how do i use word 2016 for making a game??


Word Processors (MS Word, Open Office Word, LibreOffice Writer, etc.) aren’t recommended if you plan to code. Use text editors instead.