March 2024's Writer Support Thread

They just appear in my head and start telling me what to write. :rofl:

I generally start with name, attitude, physical attributes, goals, motivations, and conflicts, which I jot down in a stream-of-consciousness paragraph to include in my outline. But mostly I get to know them during the course of the story.

Good luck! I hope you find the energy you need and that the chapter comes along nicely.

I’d think adding teddy bears to anything would make an improvement. My laptop also has a deficiency of USB ports, but I use a dock to fix that issue so I can enjoy the simplicity of a proper keyboard and mouse and stop cursing every time I accidentally hit the mousepad and mess up whatever I was doing on my laptop. :rofl:

In other news… climbs on platform

I’ve finally got my WIP forum post up and a DEMO ready to play!

bows, cheeks flushed from pride and fear of being perceived
climbs down in a hurry

For real, though, I’m super excited to announce that the first three chapters of Ink and Intrigue are ready to play. I’m opening up a private beta testing round, and would love feedback if anyone here is interested.

Also, can I just fangirl the title of my game for a minute? This is the first time it’s been announced. Ink and Intrigue is such a fitting title for the story. I love it!