Love Interest Aspects

I agree :slight_smile: I like to see some RO’s kind of develop slowly rather than the instant boy/girlfriend after a choice or two. (It’s fine for some RO’s but some variety in reactions is also nice.) It’s also nice if that level of attachment (ranging from dislike to friend only to RO) continues through the game in the way they interact with you. (I know it’s more coding, but I’d rather have fewer RO/friend options and have them be more meaningful.) On the other hand, I personally don’t like the heavily stat checked relationships where you have to select to do a particular thing at each meeting (which isn’t always obvious either) or everything falls apart.

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I would like to see something like “from enemies to lovers”, but not in the rivalmance style.
Something more like being into differeng factions and respect each other as enemies, and then loving the person who happen to be in the other side of the conflict.
And even if it mean angst (hopefully with the chance for a happysh ending), it would be a trope I’d like to play one day.


I would say that this is a bit problematic… :grimacing: Sure, a straight character realising that they’re bi, or even gay, is fine, and in a world without homophobia, the opposite would also be true. We don’t live in that world, though. We live in a world where the vice-president of the USA, and a lot of his supporters, are ardent supporters of gay-cure therapy, and this is what turning a gay character straight (or having a “gay” character romanceable by the opposite gender) would essentially boil down to.

This is not to say that it can’t be done, but it would have to be done very carefully, and probably by someone who is gay or bi.

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I would die for this trope, it’s one of my absolute favorites.

There’s just…something about enemies-to-lovers that always gets me. Maybe it’s the complete loyalty/devotion each of them have to show when they finally gets together—like, either one has completely switched over to the other’s side (that means so much to meeee), or they both discard their previous sides and meet in the middle ([gross sobbing]), or maybe it’s because in most media, enemies-to-lovers tend to have the most crackling sexual tension and I am all for that, baby!!

I just…I agree with you wholeheartedly.


Yup, it have a lot of potential! Both parts would put their ideals/loyalties under scrutiny, and there is the “we shouldn’t feel this, but we still do” that have the sexual tension go hight.

I really need it!!


What do you mean by ranging from dislike to friend with the RO. I feel like I know what you mean but I’m probably all the way in left park with it.

@ParrotWatcher Yea, I didn’t realize what I typed I meant it the other way. A straight person questioning their sexuality, not the other way around, my bad.

I mean like different relationship states. Like if you show that you actively dislike someone, you’ll treat them/they’ll treat you differently from a good friend. And if you’re romantically involved with someone you’ll often treat them different from a purely platonic friendship. It’s kind of cool when choice games acknowledge that and have the NPC’s consistently react according to the type of relationship you have with them, rather than everything being exactly the same apart from the occasional side track RO scene, and then back to as if it never happened the scene after.

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With that being said I would love to see more post-breakup scenes. Not just that you break up with the RO and then nothing is ever awkward between the two of you or if you get with someone else, they don’t mind or give any indication of being upset about it.


I think it would also be nice if you could be nice to romancable NPCs without the game assuming “oh, you want to romance them!” I always get super cautious when playing Mass Effect because I don’t want to accidentally flirt with anyone besides Garrus. I can’t even keep Kaiden alive because he will still try to hook up with Shepard in ME3, like, my dude I’m romancing Garrus. Stop.

I don’t want to have to keep all the other romancable characters back with a ten foot pole, it would be nice if I could still befriend them without the game thinking my MC loves them just because I haven’t locked in my RO yet.


Ahhhhhhh how satisfying that would be… for me not the other guy :drooling_face::weary:

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It would be cool to also match the way they pursue a romance according to their character traits and weaknesses. Have a distrusting characters be suspicious of you cheating on them/ not loving them. Have awesome characters turn plausibly annyoing/ terrible when pursuing a romance. Not everyone is a great romance option just cause you get together/ flirt / they are astonishing as a friend :smiley:

Maybe even try to ‘steal’ you back from whoever you dumped them for.

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. . . yep, it’s official. I NEED a main romance themed game to come out so I can see this happen. That would be amazing.


isn’t there a romance themed one? the one with the rose and the beige background? I forgot the name, because I’d personally not be interested in such a game, but I think there is one solely focused on romance

Well not solely … but still

OH imagine:
A CoG in which you are put in a white room, without any other people, any knowledge of the place or how you got there. There is a bathroom next to it, and tiny window through which food and drinks are delivered once a day. The one thing that exists in the white room are some lights that dim according to the hour of the day. You are alone, the person that gives you the food will not talk to you.
The first bit will be you trying to figure out where you are, why you are there, and how to escape and not going mad from solitude.

The second part will be that you meet a different character everyday, you are obliged to spend the whole day with them, says the guard to you.

After you met about 7 characters, the aim of the mysterious people is revealed: You fight in pairs of two against the the other characters you’ve met so far (and maybe more characters you do not know so far)
The goal? You have to be the best romantic couple and have to proof your bond/ your feelings to a creepy, invisible judge. Each time you win, you get to chose whether you want to exchange the character you picked first with one of the characters you fought against and your partner can do the same. If you both switch partners, you will “fight alongside/ romance” the character you’ve chosen and the other one their chosen character. If one of the defeated couple does not get chosen, the one who hasn’t swapped has to kill them or if they refuse to kill anyone take a toll (Loose something dear to them, or maybe an arm or something)

Your goals could be:

  • find out who is behind all that and how you got into that mess

  • and/or fight to be the remaining pair, maybe even falling truly in love or just pretending so (with or without telling it your partner)

  • try to get nobody killed

  • try to get everybody killed

  • try to escape by romancing the guard

  • lure the guard into a trap and replace them by wearing their uniform and getting to know the secret fromthe inside

  • trying to break free on your own or with your partner

  • try to build a poly relationship with other characters

  • try to manipulate everybody

  • maybe the other characters that are entered in the “arena” have vastly different origins: one has a wife/husband + child at home, one got entered with but separated from their original partner, one has had a crippling break-up in the past and suffers from the “game” more than all the other characters, as an asexual myself it would be cool to have an asexual character that you cannot make love to, but you can share an intimate bond with and if your personal values do not match with theirs, it is complicated?

Sorry, if that was too long, I just thought of that and thought: Hey, maybe that fits what you had in mind :smiley: (with a creepy twist hehe)

– And maybe you have a character who lost their S.O. in a car accident or something miserable and they hate the prospect of having ot fake-date another person convingly.

– Or you throw in a really rebellious one that gets killed in the middle and is a mean of frightening you

– Maybe the guard is mute and you have to communicate somehow nonverbally, secretly (maybe there is cameras?) and you have to create writing equipment secretly from scratch

– And then there is somebody who seems super sweet, kind, loving and altruistic, but they are the meanest, manipulative person

– and characters might only turn on you, depending on your relationship and skill set

Well I believe the plan is that @RenaB is going to have a sort of situation like that, though in favour of gay people in her game where male mc’s can make assumed-to-be-straight politician Ricky question his sexuality if they end up in a relationship with him.


I feel like you’re referring to Choice of Romance (I can definitely be wrong) but the game never really pleased me . . . at all. But that idea is great, I forget the reality show where every week the main person either chooses to change their date or keep them but it reminds me of that. I just feel like coding that would be absolute and utter hell lol.

Yep yep! Something along these lines. Though not just if the MC is in a relationship with him (or even if the MC in question romancing him is female), it’ll still come up, since it’s part of his overall character arc. It definitely does change the romance with him if the MC romancing him is not female, though. But no matter what he’s still always gonna end up questioning his sexuality and coming to the conclusion that he’s not straight.

Which was important for me to have it happen even with a female MC or an MC who is just befriending him. Since it’s part of who he is, regardless of who he ends up with.

I also like messing with more complex relationships. I like having characters develop feelings for the MC even if the MC doesn’t necessarily return those feelings and that coming across in the writing as well as perhaps the MC feeling something for a character who doesn’t necessarily return said emotions, and having to resolve both of these conflicts. Human interaction is complicated and very rarely straight forward, so there’s a lot that can be done with Love Interest’s beyond the direct route which can be equally entertaining.