Life and Death in Tropeland (potential collaboration?)

This seems really cool! I love what you’re doing here and what you’ve already gotten in the game (seems like a really nice platform to start from and, just from a purely writing standpoint, I love the personifications of Life, Death, and the Narrator that you’ve created!)

Well it’s definitely interesting to me, so hmm… Advice/Resources?

Well, my main stash of info is on asexuality because I’m still trying to find out exactly where I fall in the ole ace umbrella- so I do some research on it and have stumbled upon some very interesting articles/resources that have helped me out when learning about all this, so here’s two that might help you out too? (They’re both pretty simple/broad explanations of topics, but they were useful to me nonetheless. :smile: )

The first is a Tiny Dinosaur in a Sweater Giving A Very Basic Overview of Asexuality (One of the first things I found pertaining to asexuality, so if you already know what it is it might not be all that helpful, but it’s still cute and a good resource for simple, overview-type explanations).

Also, this is A Video on 7 Common Misconceptions of Asexuality (this person’s voice can get kinda quiet at times just a heads up in case you need to turn your volume up.)

Like I said before neither of them go very in-depth but… well, they helped me out a lot in the past so I figure they might be of use to you? Maybe, I hope so, at least.

Good luck!


Thanks RenaB!

Haha, Life can sometimes be unfair but Death treats everyone equally…that’s my sorry and underdeveloped basis for the characters. I’ll give them more life once I’ve really thought about it.

These resources look fantastic! I can’t wait to put everything together and these will help no end. Thanks for sharing them!

Also, can I just shamelessly fangirl for a second and say I’m so excited about your two projects? :laughing: Argh they’re so awesome! Sorry. Squealing session over.

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It’s a good basis, and, hey, everyone has to start from somewhere, right?

Plus I’m also really curious about the Narrator, I feel like since they’re apparently not only a character but also a visible character I’d be interested to see if the MC can at all talk with them at any given time? It’d be cool to have a discussion with the person dictating your entire life.

(Although it could be awkward, too… “What do you do for work?” “Watch you.” “Oh… What about free time? Got any hobbies?” “Watching you.” “Ah… I… I see… W-well, how about when I’m not doing anything, like sleeping? What about then?” “That’s when I watch you sleep.” “…Is… that so…” “…”)

Anytime! I’ll be sure to share some more when I can dig them out of my files of old resources. (Hmm… I know there was a blog where people would ask and answer questions on demisexuality in specific that was really helpful because it had a page that pointed people to other sources, I’m gonna see if I can find that again for you!)

Ahaha, thank you so much! I absolutely adore your other work Nest of Snakes- so I’m super excited to see what you do with this as well! The project itself seems super unique and like a really nice idea to not only explore yourself but to create for other authors to explore as well!

EDIT: Aha! Found the blog! Confessions of a Demisexual, one of the very first things I found regarding not just asexuality as a whole but a specific part of it underneath the umbrella. Also here’s their list of resources.


Oh blimey—I just lost about half a mug full of tea! This is so brilliant! Are you sure you don’t want to take over and write it for me…?

This is amazing. I never had any idea about any of this. I’ve always been resigned to being the ‘weirdo’ but I feel like this is the closest I’ve ever come to identifying myself. Just, wow…
The resources everyone’s been putting up are absolute goldmines. I can’t wait to get this project out there. [quote=“RenaB, post:40, topic:23226”]
I absolutely adore your other work Nest of Snakes- so I’m super excited to see what you do with this as well!

Oh my goodness, thanks! I’m dying over here. This must be what it would feel like if Miyazaki was ever to praise my animation work…

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@Laguz You are literally my favorite person on here xD<3 <3 @OrigamiPencil I’m just sitting here playing it like. Yesss, I will be ALL THE THINGS AHAHAHA.
Then I go back to the comments and read them all and I’m like
awkward silence Me: I-I have nothing defining I cri.
Inner Me: I’m pansexual fite me

I think this is very educational, and I would enjoy just watching it be fleshed out, because I’m always willing to learn more about all of these identities, sexual preferences, disorders, and other things people in the CoG community(and others) have.


We could do with some of those ace links in one of the asexual threads.

Writing Asexual and Aromantic Characters for people wanting to write asexual and aromantic characters, and include them in their games. is for pre-existing characters and representation in the media.

And is our other discussion on the topic.


YES! :laughing: Nothing makes me happier than such enthusiasm!

What?! That’s so not true!

Ahem, anyway, have you got any observations about how pansexual people are (or aren’t) represented? I know I’m interested.

Yeah, me too! And hopefully this can be a way of sharing these experiences for greater authenticity and representation. It’s definitely going to undergo some heavy changes along the way because I’m pretty ignorant, as quickly became apparent.


Sure. I’d be happy to answer whatever questions, bearing in mind, of course, that it’s still just one person’s opinions :slight_smile:

Well, let’s see if I can elaborate a little more on the stereotype ideas, still focusing on gay men here…

So one other thing is that there are so many stereotypes of gay men that I’d expect that anyone, of any gender or orientation, is going to fit at least one of them.

My own experience was that, as a child, I tended to share more interests in common with girls, tended to prefer “girl toys” (like that’s a real category :unamused:), and have always had more girly mannerisms. And so I ended up deliberately rejecting anything I considered macho. Getting to be a teenager, I felt really proud of the fact that I was defying stereotypes of what boys would be like. Like a big part of who I was was the fact that I was showing that boys don’t need to be like that. But then, as I was gradually coming to realize I was gay (which had a rather involved transitional process itself), this suddenly called all that into question. Gay guys being girlier was a stereotype, and suddenly I was no longer setting myself out in defiance to these expectations of society. But eventually I came to the grips with the idea that, hey, maybe I should just naturally try to, you know, be myself or something ridiculous like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So there’s definitely a lot to think about in terms of how people relate to the stereotypes around them. Someone might deliberately reject them: closeted gay men, in particular, often act more masculine in an attempt to allay suspicion. Even openly gay men may try harder to act “masculine” in order to seem less “different.” On the other hand, some gay men may embrace the stereotypes, perhaps to fit in with a different group, or expectations around… or may just feel like, having already gone as far as being open about their orientation, they may as well be freer about other non-conforming parts of their personalities. Some also will want to affirm their identity in such ways as style, haircut, piercings, etc., not necessarily to fulfill a stereotype, but as a way of embracing a symbol of who they are. (Or even just as a “hey, gay guys, notice me!” signal.)

There can be a lot of pressure in either direction, whether to conform with society at large, or to reject social norms, both of which can be stressful. There can also be a lot of pressure as an individual to represent that group as a whole… sometimes I end up feeling like people are judging gay men as a whole based on their acquaintanceship with me.

Moving away from my own experiences, but still talking about issues of gender conformity for LGBT people, I’ve heard that this can also lead to a lot of problems with gatekeeping for binary trans people. (Note that I’m talking about things I’ve heard, so if anyone with more direct experience would like to interject, I would be happy to listen and learn from them.) Society often holds trans people to a different standard of femininity or masculinity than cis people. For example, consider a trans woman who doesn’t like dresses, enjoys roughhousing, athletics, working with her hands, and doesn’t like makeup. She’s just as much a woman as a trans woman with more traditionally feminine tastes, and she’s just as much a woman as a cis woman who similarly dislikes dress and enjoys athletics (etc.). But in such cases, some people will question if she’s really trans, and why she’d bother to be be a woman. Well, because she is one, and no one but her gets to say whether she is.

All these sorts of issues are going to end up highly different depending on whatever setting someone’s writing in, anyway. If it’s a created culture, this background may not apply. Even in our culture, some people will care about it more than others, or have been affected by it more than others. I don’t want anyone to think, for example, that gay men are essentially one way… it’s still possible to write these characters much as one would write any others, but if you want to write something that goes into the experience more, these are some things to consider.


I can’t help with writing or coding but if you want to know how it’s like to live with diabetes (type 1/insulin dependant) then I’m your man! :smiley:


Oh, uh sure. I mean it was just recently I decided to switch from bi to pans(I realized that as long as I like you as a person I’m okay with dating you.(but I still like hot bod guys and girls :eyes: :sweat_drops: )), so I’m not quiet sure about a lot myself, but I’m willing to figure it out. Ask me what you will and I will do my best to answer.

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Tell me more! I thrive off validation!

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If we’re going into a discussion about how to make it so that these… Minorities? Do they count as minorities? Is that only for like, race? Whatever, if we’re talking about how to make it so that nobody accidentally demonizes them, you gotta remember to not go too far. I’d be more than willing to go into detail about what I mean by that, but I really can’t think of a way to say it that can’t be misinterpreted as me just being a horrible bigot.

You know what, I won’t let that stop me from trying. I’m able-bodied, white, heterosexual, cisgender, and male, but just like all these other folks, those aren’t the only things that define me. Represent them as much as you want, that’s fine by me, but I’m a person too, and don’t you ever forget to represent me.

I know, all the categories I fit in get plenty of things about them, and a lot of them are fairly well done. I wholeheartedly encourage having a diverse cast of characters, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that a lot of things made specifically to represent everybody fairly tend to not include/dehumanize people who are “normal”. If that makes any sense.

The thing is, I feel difficulty relating to disabled characters, or trans characters, or non-binary characters, or female characters, or gay characters, or ace characters, or pan characters, or even characters who are of other races. It’s the same reason most of the people here would have trouble relating to a character like me, a skinny, white, straight guy. It’s not that I have any problems with them, I like everybody, that’s just not who I am.

The more I say the more I get away from my original point. What I’m trying to say is that I love the fact that you’re creating something where everybody can be fairly represented. Just don’t leave anyone out. Anyone.


Ha! Ha! Ahahahaha! @OrigamiPencil for the love of God remove the option to be a white male cishet, or at least turn it into some kind of memedump. I’ll pay you

Yeah, because it’s what they’re meant to do. They cater to M I N O R I T I E S, of which you are none.

oh my god it’s an entitled white able cishet man trying to be represented in a game about misrepresentation of minorities in the media. trying to push in on what little focus minorities have

oh my god just go outside and buy a game, bit


Me? Did I do something? :confused:


Sorry honey, text glitched while using tablet! Also, crows.


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You’re pretty pushy for nothing. The thing is that with all due respect, what you said right here isnt really true. Average and white is the basic template of every story. Sure there will be bad “average” people but I rarely saw ALL normal people being demonised. The only real time I saw average as evil was in wolfenstein new order and thats an alternate reality where nazi germany won ww2 so honestly yeah nazi are evil and them being demonised make sense because they are actual real life flesh demons but thats not this game theme.

I’m not saying that we have to represent average people as bad at all but you’re demanding something that wasnt really going to be a problem in the first place.

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I didn’t mean mainstream media, I specifically meant stuff like this.

You go Laguz! You tell him! <3

(That right there! You take it to them. Be that outspoken person, I love it).


Just flag him Tbh. No need to go farther than needed.