Is there something about *temp that I'm not understanding? Non-Existent Variable error

Every time I try to use *temp, when it comes to setting the variable, it gives me the non-existent variable error.

The code in particular is this little bit-

*temp company_gift false

*label gifts
A few days later, you receive a letter from the marriage company reminding you that it's a good idea to ready a gift for your potential partner. They also give you the option of readying one for you, though there's a note that the gift will likely be bland.
	#I'll choose a gift.
		*set gift true
		*goto gifts2
	#Let them take care of the gift.
		You write a short response, leaving it in their hands.
		*set company_gift true
		*goto date_who
	#Gift? Who needs a gift? Do without.
		*set gift false
		*goto date_who

This code is literally the very beginning of the scene. It passes quicktest but if I try to play through (in cside), when I choose the second option, it stops me and says the variable doesn’t exist. Am I missing something?

Are you using a *goto (or *goto_scene, etc.) to jump straight to the gifts label? If so, you end up skipping the initialization of the temp variable.

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…Yes. :flushed:

Thank you.

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