Is there a way to get around goto when it comes to if and elseif statements?

Sorry if this is something that’s already been answered. I’ve tried searching but couldn’t find much.

So I’ve joined the wonderful world of trying to make my writing work with gender choices. Obviously I can’t do something like ‘chuckles’ or ‘whispers’ if the character’s pronouns are they/them.

I get errors saying I need to use goto or finish before the end of the indented block, but I’m wandering if there’s a work around for this. I’m hesitant to do labels because I know it’s going to really clutter everything, plus I’m not very imaginative and I know I’ll get confused eventually.

Here’s an example.

"Sorry, sorry," ${Lupta_he} 
*if ((Lupta_gender = "duo") or (Lupta_gender = "agender"))
"I've never seen a body from your world before. Naked, of all things…" $!{Lupta_he} 
*if ((Lupta_gender = "duo") or (Lupta_gender = "agender"))
in an obvious attempt to not fall into more laughter.

Try multireplace.

*create Lupta_gender "duo"
*create Lupta_plural false
*create Lupta_he "Lupta"

*comment you only need to set this plural variable one time, thus only one *if needed
*if ((Lupta_gender = "duo") or (Lupta_gender = "agender"))
  *set Lupta_plural true

"Sorry, sorry," ${Lupta_he} @{Lupta_plural chuckle|chuckles}, "I've never seen a body from your world before. Naked, of all things…" $!{Lupta_he} @{Lupta_plural cough|coughs} in an obvious attempt to not fall into more laughter.

Thank you so much! I know I’ve seen this floating around before but never knew what it was called so I couldn’t easily search for it. Would this work with ‘we/I’ as well? I’d imagine I’d need to create a new variable for that. In regards to ‘duo’, when the character is referring to themselves they’d say ‘we, ourselves, etc.’

Try this.

*create Lupta_we false
*if (Lupta_gender = "duo")
  *set Lupta_we true
"@{Lupta_we We|I} cant say @{Lupta_we we|I} have ever encountered something like this @{Lupta_we ourselves|myself}."
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I’ve just created Lupta_duo (along with Pamant_duo and Vedere_duo) for this and it seems to work just fine. Really this only changes how they personally refer to themselves. We, ourselves, etc. like I previously said. Duo characters are kind of limited to these three characters, and I’m not currently planning on expanding it to others.

Thank you again!

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Unless you are doing it differently, I believe the singular they/them does not change from “they whispers” to “they whisper”. I’ll admit I’m no expert, but I was fairly certain that was the case.

I believe @Eiwynn’s topic should help.
Good luck!

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That might be so but, to be honest, it doesn’t sound right to me.

A bit of a comparison, without any code, obviously:

“There are worse things than death and I am one of them,” they whisper harshly, drawing a finger along your jaw.

“There are worse things than death and I am one of them,” they whispers harshly, drawing a finger along your jaw.

I think I’m going to stick with ‘whisper’ for they/them pronouns, at least for now. Like I said, the second example looks off, and it reads strangely.

Thank you for the link! I’ll read more of it in a little while; I have to do some school work first. As much as I love history, it’s actually pretty depressing and emotionally draining.

You can also use this setting to disable label requirements on *elses.


I’m sorry to go off-topic, but why not use string variables instead when writing gender-choice?


*create they ""
*create they_s ""

    *set they "he"
    *set they_s "s"

    *set they "she"
    *set they_s "s"

    *set they "they"
    *set they_s ""

$!{they} chuckle${they_s} at your jokes.

It takes a bit of time to set up, but you don’t have to go through all of that *if and *else mess over and over again.

I’ve already tried this and, for some reason, it didn’t work. Thank you, though.

I mean, it is an option, but, like you’ve said, involves more set up. Thank you for the recommendation.

I’m going to settle for @brushmen’s suggestion of multi-replace. Thankfully I didn’t have all that much written that required it so it shouldn’t take too long to get a hang of it, and it’s useful for my duo (we, ourselves, etc.) variable. :blush:


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