Is having gender choice important to you?


I think the best is let it open and balance but if player wants explore let choose from all spectrum without choose for him her their in base to stupid gender stereotypes. And always been sane safe and consensual. I don’t know why people shows this as not natural or creepy. Is something very natural


As the thread shows it’s a learned sociological thing. I haven’t checked what carlos linked, but it looks like something that might explain it better.

In short, people are taught through society that is has to be dominant male/submissive female.
Its devastating.

That’s why genderchoice is important, just like spending a lot of time polishing the story flow.
I know it from some games and I see it in my own writing that sometimes you can take a good guess what gender someone has. Sometimes.
Cause unlearning some stuff can be tricky.


Tell me I am a cis woman that because it was the best school in the zone I went to a catholic hard core nun ruled school. A school that when i entered with 3 years old just have started to accept a mix education with males.
Well the education they gave me affect me hard. With all that i will never fi d someone else who love me because I was not behave like a proper real women. To with 12 said that a girl who asked a date to a boy is a women of sodom a prostitute…

So yeah, I would never let me or let someone else treated like shit because someone else stereotypes. Let’s players choice and don’t never assume behaviors.


I´ve got a question, I´d like to know, if it is important for transgender-people, when they coose their gender in a cog to have the trangender option, or if it is ok, just to choose the gender one wants to be?
I´m planning to make the genderchoice only for cosmetic purpose, characteristics can be choosen the way the player likes.


Well, please don’t ever make a gender option just “transgender”. I see it so often on surveys and such and it’s well meaning but insulting. Trans men are men just like cis men are men. Trans women are women just like cis women are women. If you want a nonbinary option, just write “nonbinary”.


To be honest I don’t care about gender that much, I sometimes play as a male and sometimes as a female so I would still play a gender locked game.

I still like a choice though, it allows you to roleplay a character better and identify with it.

That’s why I don’t like games where there is no choice but the game uses neutral pronouns because it kinda ruins roleplaying for me and makes me think the character is myself.


I’ve seen a number of comments (i think here on the thread too) about how some trans peeps like if they can pick a trans option and it gets positively acknowledged.
It’s an everyone their own thing i reckon.
And of course it requires the author to do good work.


Oh, yeah, that’s completely different.

  • Cis woman
  • Trans woman
  • Cis man
  • Trans man
  • Nonbinary

is very different and much more respectful compared to

  • Woman
  • Man
  • Transgender

If a cis author wants to write a specifically transgender PC option, though, I think they should find trans readers to give feedback and make sure it’s not written badly.


Its important to me, but if a game is that good then gender doesn’t matter to me.

One example would be the game " coming out on top." I am not guy but I played that game so much.


Gender choice is always important to me, because I have several different characters (males and females) and sometimes I want to try all the paths. Having some stories being gender-locked limits my potential to explore my own characters, and besides what if the game’s options diverge at some point?