Impact of Gender Choice

When including gender choice in a game, should it be something that is mentioned later on in the game? Also, should it impact the story in some way? For example, I was considering including gender as a stat option, but I’m not sure if that would be an unnecessary stat to include

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Well… it shouldn’t refer to us as a gender we didn’t pick. That’s all I can say for sure at the moment.

Personally, I just give the choice and gender affects nothing but the pronouns that are used and who are interested you on a romantic level. If you’re writing a book where gender issues come up (like if you’re doing medieval and want to say that girls aren’t normally warriors), then go for it. Other than reasons like that, and others. You don’t have to.

As for adding it as a stat, that’s pretty optional. I’m sure most players, if not all, will remember what gender they chose.


If you want it to, then yes. Otherwise, the greatest reason to use gender choice is giving something for other characters to call you other than “you”.

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What I see very often is that people are wonderfully genuinely happy if a game provides a broad spectrum for gender and sexuality
These games are a form of escapism, something especially nowadays, many people need.


Personally I like it when gender matters, a little. I play mostly as female characters, and I like that CoG’s can be an escape from the sexism of the real world, but having one scene that plays out differently depending on your gender, or having one character that treats a particular gender differently can help me feel immersed in the world.

That might just be me though.


I love being able to play as a woman and to be recognized as such. Every choice in the character customization should impact the story, even if it is in little details like “he” and “she” or dresscode.

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