Invalid create instruction, no value specified

Hello, fellow programmers. I have a problem that I’ve been struggling with for a while.

You see, I created a variable called name, and yes, I put it at the beginning of the startup, and now I want to let the person who is playing the game type the name that they want or choose the name that I offered. But when I open the index.html file in Firefox an error message appears saying that I did not specify the value of the variable Name.
Also, when I click on the button Show Stats it says: Invalid create instruction, no value specified: Name.

Thanks for your help

I would say it might be a corrupted file. Try downloading a fresh copy. If that does not work post your code and we will see if we can’t figure it out.

Did you set the value to a null string?

*create name ""


You have to go

*create name ""

Assigning a null value is important, as it will decide the variable type.
In fact, all of your *create variables should be assigned with their null value according to their type.

"" for string variable
0 for numeric variable
false for boolean variable


Oh… Yeah, you are right hahaha. I’m such a newbie :joy:


Ok. Worked too. Thank you.

Np. Everyone is a newbie on their time :ok_hand:

And I’m the mentor for this time :smiling_imp: