Invalid Boolean error

Hey guys, I’m getting an error message saying I have an invalid BOOLEAN_OPERATOR at line three but I don’t know what I am doing wrong

*if morale <= 0
	*set morale_text "Your men are close to mutiny"
*elseif morale <= 3 and morale > 0
	*set morale_text "Your men are furious with your leadership"
*elseif morale <= 6 and morale > 3
	*set morale_text "Your men are disgruntled"
*elseif morale <= 10 and morale > 6
	*set morale_text "Your men are content"
*elseif morale <= 14 and morale > 10
	*set morale_text "Your men are merry"
*elseif morale <= 17 and morale > 14
	*set morale_text "Your men are thrilled with your leadership"
*elseif morale > 17
	*set morale_text "Your men would follow you to the ends of the earth"

Try surrounding each clause with a set of brackets. Like

*elseif (morale <= 3) and (morale > 0)

I am guessing he means
*elseif morale <= 3 and morale > 0

You’ve got some other bugs in that code.

Elseif statements need a *goto or finish after them. Although that being a subroutine a return after each one might work too.

I personally just use *if statemements.

There’s pluses and minuses to each. option, whether to use just ifs or instead go with else and elseif

Have a read of

Thanks all, the brackets and turning them all to ifs seemed to work