Input name messes up between chapters

Hey there,

I’m working on a story where the reader inputs their name and later on other characters may refer to you by the input name.

I use *input_text firstname
And whenever someone replies to you

This works fine but when you go to the next chapter the code acts like you never put a name in and treats ${firstname} as a non existent variable.

Did you use *create firstname "" in the startup.txt file?

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lol that might be it

So the name works in the chapter I give my name but nowhere else, weird

What are the ”” for?

The quote signs are just to indicate an empty value for strings. This will indicate the code that this is a string type of variable, and the content of strings goes inside the quotes, so since there is nothing there, it is empty.

It will be replaced by the input_name once the player types something there.