"In the Service of Mrs. Claus" -- Save Xmas as her top secret elven agent!

Everyone is talking about the cover art these days… But i am going to add that the voice acting was really great in the trailer. It actually sounds like it belongs to some of the inhuman race from fairy tale ( here elfs).


This is pretty good

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Congrats @Brian_Rushton glad to see holiday cheer come to CoG this year.


Congrats on the release @Brian_Rushton! :tada: :christmas_tree: :snowman_with_snow:


So far the game has received some lovely, positive reviews, but I think the best review so far is actually a negative one from the play store.

According to this review, the game is bad because:
-It kills off a male character (Santa) and gives too much power to a female character (Mrs. Claus)
-It includes a genderfluid character
-It is anti-rich people.

I couldn’t advertise this game better myself. If you like powerful women and gender diversity and dislike wealth imbalance, try out In the Service of Mrs. Claus!


Probably the person who wrote this meant this as a warning why people shouldn’t play this game, but for me it just gave more reason to buy the full version (sadly I still have to wait a few days to do that, but I’m excitedly waiting till that).


From the Steam achievement page, it looks like saving Christmas is a lot more popular than destroying it.

If you’ve played through once already, I really recommend going through again with the other faction, or purposely failing. Some of the most interesting content in the game is found in the failure states, such as:

-Busting out of prison
-Living as a fugitive
-Having all your dreams come true (or at least one of them)

Failure is fun!


Why isn’t it available on Amazon yet?


Here is a little bug. It should be >=50

Thank you! I’ll make sure to include that in the next bug fix. Don’t forget to report bugs by emailing support AT choiceofgames DOT com rather than here, because it has to go through a few different steps to get fixed and we all might not see it in a forum thread.

@Tpryor I’m not sure!

btw,is it safe to assume that Diana killed Santa? When I learn about the secret from Loki, it’s the first thing that came to my mind.

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You know, that wasn’t my original intention, but it would fit with my view of Claus

About the characters involved:

I see Claus and Loki as two sides of the same coin, both heavily narcissistic. The only difference is that Claus is a ‘high-functioning’ narcissist and Loki is malignantly narcissistic. Candid is the only romantic option you could have an honestly happy future with; the others are too high-maintenance.

So your idea has some credibility. If she was threatened, would she take down her own husband? I think so, but it remains unknown.

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About Candid is it possible to convince them to stick to one shape or at least gender I’d prefer or that’d be too controlling?

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@Cari-san During Candid’s wedding scene, they give you the option of presenting themself as a male, female, or just say fuck gender and let them be them


It’s not possible, and for exactly that reason. Candid is a force of nature, all festive Christmas things rolled into one, constantly changing forms. She’s kind enough to ask you what gender to be at your wedding, but asking her to settle down permanently would be a deal-breaker for her.

Out-of-universe, if elves can change gender at will, it’s odd if no one ever actually does it. In fact, the only reason Mrs. Claus has a fixed gender is because she likes that shape, not necessarily the gender attached to it.

Sorry for going on so long, but I just have a lot of thoughts about it. I feel like, for the elves, gender is like D&D classes for us. Someone might play a bard every game, and others might switch it up from time to time. But no one takes it seriously, and if your boyfriend/girlfriend said they really wanted you to be a priest every time, it would be pretty weird.

Edit: @dillpickle1996 is right, too!


@Brian_Rushton I have a lore question.

We know Mrs. Clause was Bast, Diane, Artemis, and some other female gods. Donner is Zeus, but was Santa ever other gods? I don’t remember it being explicitly stated. We know he was Saint Nick, but was that it?

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Oh, that’s interesting!

About Santa: I definitely think Santa was not there in the beginning of time. He’s a newer kind of creature, either a mortal with bleeder powers, a half-mortal, or an ‘ascended’ mortal, and I see the last as the most likely. A human that passes into legend, like Bloody Mary or King Arthur.

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What happened to the 7th council? They were just there doing nothing but threatening me. Useless bunch of creatures.

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Ah, well you see, the Council of Seven is modeled on real-life government. So your description is pretty accurate.

Less flippantly, it’s a mutual pact based entirely on self-interest. Claus was taking the brunt of the attacks, and they were fine letting her be weakened.

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Hmm I wish there was an option to destroy the council with the help of extra dimensional being, when they ask what is our wish?