In Dawn We Rest

Welcome to the world of Syvia where there is danger at every turn!

You play as a dragon hunter for a renowned hunting guild. Your team is given the assignment to slay a High Dragon that has been terrorizing the people of Syvia. However, it is quickly discovered that this isn’t any normal dragon but an awakened goddess seeking vengeance.

Can you and your team really kill an ancient goddess?

In Dawn We Rest is a standalone dark fantasy novel with a heavy focus on your relationships and world-building.

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Syvia is a dangerous land filled with constant wars from tensions between humans and elves, forbidden magic, and creatures lurking in the forests that only exist in the depths of your nightmares. But you, my dear player, call this land home!

You play as a dragon hunter working for a renowned hunting guild named the Hallowdawn. When a High Dragon, with power like no one has seen before, begins terrorizing the lands, you and three (eventually four) other guild members are hired to take down this beast! Little do any of you know, this dragon is truly an Elven Goddess seeking vengeance for the wrongdoings on her people several years ago.

Of course, this is all while you struggle to navigate your relationships, some of which are just as dangerous as the word around you.

What happens when you finally have something to lose?

Have you and your teammates bitten off more than they can chew?

Can you really kill an ancient goddess?

  • Your decision of elf or human can affect the way NPCs interact with you!
  • Woman, man, nonbinary, and transgender options + ability to select pronouns separately
  • Build your background
  • Decide your appearance
  • Access to lore through the codex
  • A dynamic world reliant on lore and character choices
  • Four known romance options
Romance Options

Roslyn Pike stands at 5’10" and has a lankier build. His brunet hair is long and wavy and he often wears it loose or pulled back. His eyes are a warm brown, they compliment the golden hues of his brown skin. Roslyn prefers earthy tones, lots of browns and green. When he’s not wearing his leather armor, he enjoys loose tunics and leather pants. Overall, he prefers his fashion to be on the plainer side. The only relatively “frivolous” thing he wears is a silver ring on a chain around his neck.

He grew up in a small border village with his parents and two younger siblings. Although they had been poor, they had been happy. His parents ran a shop that bought and sold trinkets from all over Syvia. He joined the Hallowdawn in order to provide another source of income for his family.

Deidre is 5’5" and has a heavyset build. It is easy to get lost in the way a smile always lights up the brown of their eyes. Their hair is black, and coily, the ends brush against their shoulders due to the fact they always wears it loose. Their skin is a deep brown, resembling a glittering onyx. Dee is a mixed bag when it comes to fashion, but they often find themself drifting to a more feminine style. They enjoy bright colors such as crimsons and purples. It really depends on the day and their mood to determine what they wear. Loose tunic with leather pants one day and the next they look like they walked straight out of their old clan in loose dresses with no shoes. The only consistency is the copious amounts of gold jewelry they always wear.

Dee didn’t always live in on the border. In fact, they comes from a Clan deep within the lands of Dal’aenna. When asked, they will say they just didn’t feel at home there, but the smile never fully reaches their eyes when their past is being discussed. They have been a member of the Hallowdawn for years now and prefers to concentrate on that portion of their life.

Helena Blackbourne stands tall at 6’ and has a wide, muscular build. Long blonde hair it usually tied back into a braid to keep it out of her way. Sometimes her grey eyes almost seem to almost blend in with the paleness of her skin when the sun hits them just right. Helena is rarely out of her armor. Like ever. There’s rumors that she even sleeps in it (which has yet to be debunked). She does take great care of the golden metal of the plated armor. It always looks flawless.

Ser Helena, unsurprisingly, comes from nobility, specifically House Blackbourne. Her family is known for their wealth and lordship over the town of Everborough. She lived a more than comfortable life and wanted for nothing all throughout her childhood. Although, she and her family had differing ideas of what she should do with her life. Her parents had planned to marry her off to another rich lord, but Helena defied their wishes and swore herself to knighthood. After an incident within one of the families she previously served, Helena joined the ranks of the Hallowdawn to earn back any honor she thought she lost.

Helena is gender-locked for woman and non-binary player characters only

Viatrix is the shortest of the group at 5’4" with an athletic build. Her hair is a deep brown color and loose waves fall just beneath her shoulders when its down, which is often. Its known to get in her way at times, so oftentimes she wears it half-up.Her eyes are a glacial green that only add to the coldness of her stare. Freckles cover her tanned face and trail down her neck beneath the collar of her shirt. She tends to wear mostly dark colors, favoring blacks and greys. She wears lots of leather, including many belts lining her waist which she claims are for her small satchels to carry Gyinni knows what. Thigh high leather boots always compliment the look. And for days that require extra drama, she dons a black cloak with a hood that hides the majority of her face.

Viatrix’s history is a short one, mostly due to the fact she was entirely raised by The Guild, a large and powerful band of mercenaries that span across Syvia—and fierce rivals of the Hallowdawn. Her parents were unfortunate victims to The Guild, having failed to pay their debts. So, they paid with their lives and their only daughter. However, being raised by your family’s murderers creates an odd internal conflict seeing as how they are the only family she has ever known.



Will the link for the demo be posted soon or is this just to give info on it?

The Tumblr link says the demo will be posted today at 9 PM EST, so I’m going to assume that’s when the link will be posted. :slight_smile: Please be aware that usually we move demo-less WIP threads to Interest Check for the future!

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I just updated with the link! My apologies that it didn’t paste properly!


Seems pretty cool so far! I don’t have much comment on the plot just yet, but the backstory and lore were really cool and the writing style and character’s speech were really well done. I felt pretty comfortable with the option lists presented, especially as far as interactions with/opinions of Roslyn. Definitely curious to see more! :slight_smile:


I definitely like this so far! Lyn is just chef’s kiss. Very much excited to meet more characters.

The lore also seems really cool! And those character creation menus! So many choices!

I’ll definitely keep an eye on this! Excited to see more.


Loved it :purple_heart: can already tell my mc and Lyn are going to be best friends.
Also I’m really looking forward to meet Helena.

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Reads the summary of the story:

Excuse me, but what?!

Perhaps there will be a way to go rogue and side with the dragons. Even if doing so I will bring down the rest of the main cast, and eventually the planet that the game is set in too.


I’m intrigued to see where this goes! Just followed your tumblr so I’m excited for updates there.

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I really enjoyed this, the prologue was especially interesting. I followed your tumblr and am totally looking forward to future updates!

I think you had an accidental double negative (or maybe not? I don’t know it’s 1am I might just be confused), it said “He wasn’t not looking at me. Instead, he was surveying our surroundings, searching for the sorry excuse for an inn.”

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I think in this world there are monsters worse than beasts: humans :thinking:


A quick drop from me: it’s a quiver of arrows instead of a sheath. You don’t really sheath your arrows, but put them in the quiver.


Getting revenge for my dog, woman’s best friend. That backstory made me laugh. Very well written and, it was a fun intro to the story, even if it was too short to get anything more then a taste.


Really enjoyed this so far. I noticed a few typos, which I’ll replay and grab for you. Its usually recommended that choice text is kept pretty short. Your outfits are pretty long. One way to do that might be to have the full outfit descriptions on a page and then shortened form as the choice text. But that all depends on how much you care about sticking with the conventions. I love that you have a story in first person. That’s also uncommon, but I happen to strongly prefer it. Can’t wait to find out more about your lore and world. Will flirting with Lyn in the early part of the story lock us out from different ros later in the story?

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I already love Rosy :heart: my sweet sweet boy :heart_eyes:


Very good story. I guess I have a minor gripe but nothing too serious. The clothing options seem to be really feminine especially for a male character. Like The corset, the dress, and I guess form fitting it was idk maybe I’m just reading stuff wrong


A really good start. I am looking forward to more updates.


Interesting can’t wait

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We can’t romance the goddess can we

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It’s a secret route that is dependent on certain choices made by the player!