I do wonder how many ladies play gender CSG

trust me I found all those things initially boring to you I found as well. What he does well in the writing because he’s an author always aware of privileged. He portrays this weird awkward space in society that you’re pretending this actually comes from they are the ability but it was very destitute. SSID expected to maintain a standard of living expectations but it could ruin them there are low enough on the totem pole it’s very hard for them too we rise up but they’re just poweful enough cannot look elsewhere. It’s a strange weird awkward really experienced position of coming from a lineage privilege and possibly losing it and the way that many of us now can’t even fully fathom. Well that’s the thing is to the most famous eunuchs were castrated much later in life at least once a he have written sources of. And why I’m saying non-binary are the ones that are cash it is incredibly young and before puberty the other sense of what is there gender is destroyed and heavily gender focus and patriarchal society. They are no longer considered a man by Society standards they haven’t grown up to experience what it is to be a man by society’s standards and they’re not considered a woman.

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For text added games, I much prefer to play as a female character for immersion purposes. It’s easier for me to relate to a female character and it makes me feel more connected to the MC. However I have nothing against genderlocked MCs and if the game is good enough, I’ll play it anyway. Although with a male only MC, I do want more defined characteristics in the personality for some reason.


A long time ago there was an experiment in which the parents attempted to raise a castrated boy as a girl. His bits had been destroyed in a failed circumcision. He was lied to about it for a long time. When he found out about his past, he declared he actually is a boy. I think he later committed suicide. So people can’t really be forced to identify as anything by altering their bodies without consent. I think it’s more likely that an eunuch would feel insecure about his manhood, and would overcompensate by acting very macho.


I rarely play gender locked games - unless they are locked to female, or carries enough interest (hard to pull of in my case). Why? Good question. I can answer it no more than I can why I like chocolate ice cream the best - I just do.

Same with computer games in general - it is usually only Spider-Man and Batman that gets away with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

But some games does not interest me any way - and some of the most praised game series on here leaves me cold no matter whether they offer gender or not - but the lack thereof is usually already the nail in the coffin.

Note here also, that games that never define your gender at all usually suffer the same fate - I feel faceless, without identity, and usually lose interest. Usually, because there are few of those around and, well, usually is so far all of them. :blush:

I guess I do need that much self-identifying even if I never play myself in games where I can create and customise characters.


It is the most boring priviliegde situation to me. The one where you have enough power to live in relative safety (relative by fantasy standards, of course. Here I mean not automatically hated by society.) and free of social scorn as long as you are discrete, but not enough to actually affect things. And I can fully phantom it because I have read protagonist in similar situations so many times.

As for the eunuch thing. Surely being castrated affect how you look at yourself, even your gender, espically if there is pressure from society, but it does not automatically make you non-binary.

I don’t know how to explain, but I shall try. Now for your eunuch. Society might not see him as a boy, but if he sees himself as one, then it doesn’t matter what society says he is a boy. It is the difference between sex or gender. Now he might question his masculinity and what it means to be male, but it wouldn’t change his gender. (Just as her gender could be a woman, or they could be a non-binary person.)

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I read all the post that it was link to that was fantastic. I would love to see the one of the other characters because your commentaries fantastic.

That normally the last way they act. They normally get involved in intellectual political and sometimes military interests and also help their family get into key positions of power depending on what part of the world are in. You know who brought down the first dynasty of China it was a eunuch because it’s great to keep a man alive when you take away his manhood kill his family.[quote=“Taylor_Enean, post:24, topic:22475”]
Note here also, that games that never define your gender at all usually suffer the same fate - I feel faceless, without identity, and usually lose interest. Usually, because there are few of those around and, well, usually is so far all of them

I got the same feeling on my part because I can never relate to non-binary and that’s what it is to be genderless order to feel genderless if I’m not mistaken tell me if I’m wrong. so it’s harder to get into that emotional investment.

It was a lot more disturbing and damaging than even that. I’d offer a warning for child abuse before reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Reimer

The psychiatrist involved did some horrific things. And he kept claiming the case as a success, when it wasn’t.

“For the first thirty years after Dr. Money’s initial report that the reassignment had been a success, Dr. Money’s view of the malleability of gender became the dominant viewpoint among physicians and doctors, reassuring them that sexual reassignment was the correct decision in certain instances, resulting in thousands of sexual reassignments”


If I have a choice, I play female - I’ve never chosen nb, even if I had the option - but I don’t mind playing men.

A more interesting question to me is whether guys play female-locked games. It’s conventional wisdom in the children’s book industry that, while girls are willing to read books with male protagonists, boys will reject books about female protagonists. I think that might be changing - I’ve noticed some little boys getting really into Queen Elsa from Frozen because of her neat ice powers - but I expect most male COG players are part of an older generation where guys weren’t supposed to like girly things, even if it was okay for girls to like boyish things. So guys, do you ever play as female?


Heh that sounds like it should be its own topic too. :slight_smile:


Of course! Only if the story good enough and there reason there. Again Cat Lady is one of my favorite game. I try Guinevere but I’m not a fan of contemporary perspectives put into what’s supposed to be a bigoted time. And that they downplay the importance of Christianity at said time period. But if there is a gender lock female game out there for CoG then I will play it! From example I love Clementine from The Walking Dead.

Well, seeing as I usually play as a male MC, gender locked games don’t bother me at all.

And I really loved A Study in Steampunk, it remains my favorite game.

I’ve played Guinevere once, and I don’t remember it (the fact that we’re female) bothering me either.

As long as the story and the characters are good, I’d say I can play as either. But yeah, if given the choice, I’d go for a male MC.
I don’t think it reflects me in any way, that’s just how I’ve always played games.

I guess I must think that being a girl in real life is enough :joy:


A Study In Steampunk is my no. 1 fave too, I believe. Can’t get over the Finch romance <33.

And yeah. I’m a woman that vastly prefers playing as a male MC, idk why. I’m actually often irked when the game is gender-locked to female(not that I still don’t love certain WIPs like Guenever that have that).


Your name and your comment is fantastic I love it.

Ladies onw that ok with the gender lock what which games are you favorite? @Snowpanther @Rebelmaiden I friend and he always play female if there choice.v

Which game is my favorite and is gender locked? Is that what you are asking?

Eh, I can play games with male protags, but normally that’s not games that build on me immersion in the role of the protag or games where game mechanics are more important as the actual story/the protag anyway has not that big of a characterization tbh.

But for choice games I honestly expect a little bit more? Actually I think I already did write what I think about genderlocked protagonists in another thread?

Wait here it is:

In short I prefer to play either a female or a nb MC and it’s especially important for me when it comes to choice games. Maybe I look at a genderlocked to male (choice) game if I heard enough good things about it, but normally I avoid them, because…of all the reasons mentioned by others. Especially when the protagonist is forced to act very “stereotyp manly”…but I honestly also don’t like games that force me to play a girly-girl female MC, so I just really don’t like gender roles, I guess?

Guenevere is explicitely set in a fantasy world as far as I remember (even when it’s historically-inspired)…I don’t think they really have christanity in that world? (@jeantown wrote some things about that on her blog, also about genderlocked protagonists).


Depends. I mean in regular games I might usually make an extra female character, since I really like customization and want to see if anything is different. I don’t really view my characters as “me” so I don’t particularly mind it. I don’t mind gender lock in regular games, if it’s a set character, but otherwise I’d be annoyed but maybe still willing. Here, I usually stick to male unless there is a romance I really want to see, since it’s text and trying to feel closer, which is why I haven’t played much of female gender locked much.


All ladies that did enjoy it for curiosity’s sake.[quote=“Sammysam, post:36, topic:22475”]
I don’t think they really have christanity in that world?

I known it fantasy it but if you like it or not it’s a huge aspect of the mythology.

The reasoning for both sides here it’s very interesting I’m digging it. You’ll have different reasons why you just like it or don’t care or even enjoy it and how it affects you enjoyment of the story your interaction with the characters and your ability to play it I’m loving it so far.

I probably play female protagonists 2/3 of the time in any game I play that has a choice. And I did grow up in that older generation you speak of.


I don’t mind genderlocking if the character is an actual individual with thoughts and dreams who have a story to be in where it makes sense. Somme is one like that, sadly, it didn’t manage to pull me in enough to go past the free chapters. I’m too much of a WWI buff I think…

I do mind genderlocking if the character is the usual blank slate adventurer in many of the more gamey text games. Then I just feel that it is lazy.

That being said, I’m genderqueer so it’s a bloody coin flip which side my head will be any particular day.