How-to Writing Guides Library


I’m hoping that this will help a lot of people - myself included - when writing!

Post the names, and if possible links, of any writing resources or pieces of advice you found to be particularly helpful. Include a brief snippet as to what your resource is about - general writing advice, motivational advice, advice as to how to write action scenes, etc. - and I’ll file it down below, for easy access.

If the title of the thread was any clue, I’m hoping this become a “library” of writing guides that can help all writers on this site. :slight_smile:

One of the first guides that comes to my mind is Benjamin Percy’s Thrill Me. It’s engaging and offers unique pieces of advice concerning things like setting where Percy suggests adding momentum as you describe the scene to your readers.

He cites his own book, The Dead Lands, as an example by giving readers a glimpse into the setting through the eyes of a mechanical owl that flies through the city–thrusting the reader through every twist and turn of this post-apocalyptic world Percy throws us into.



Thrill Me: Essays on Fiction by Benjamin Percy (Link)

Ah, I love Benjamin Percy. He did amazing work with Green Arrow.

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