How to make First Name and Last Name on the same line

I wanna ask how to make first name and last name on the same line like
Name: (Your First Name) (Your Last Name)

well if you have a name stat you could easily go

*set name “!{firstname} !{lastname}”

I don’t know if this will work and I can’t test it on my phone, but try test name, text lastname on the same line.

In the stat screen?

You can do something like this in your startup document

*create firstname
*create lastname

put a firstname in

*input_text firstname

Now a last name

*input_text lastname

*set name “!{firstname} !{lastname}”

So the name stat will have both names in one line

If you want to interject it into a *stat_chart you need a third stat. Let’s assume you’re using first_name and last_name. You’ll want your stats screen to have this:

*temp full_name
*set full_name first_name
*set full_name & " "
*set full_name & last_name
  text full_name Name
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