How to do case insensitive string comparison (solved)

I’m having trouble with… performing case-insensitive string equality comparison

The error I’m getting is:… Invalid expression, couldn’t extract another token: !!{{output_variable}} = !!{string2})

My code looks like this:

*if ($!!{{output_variable}} = $!!{string2})
	*set {output_variable} i2

I have tried a ton of things but it doesn’t seem to be possible to use ${} or any form of it in *if or *set or anything that would result in what I need.

All I need is a way to compare two strings in a way that “This” = “this”, but it seems impossibly impossible for a game engine 95% about writing


Wait–what’s that underscore doing there? That may be the token extraction problem.

Do you need to use quote marks? :thinking:

*if ("$!!{output_variable}" = "$!!{string2}")


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