How to create a Gender variable?

Just to put in my input, I have a ‘sample’ gender variable that I made which I use all of my gender variables from,

*if (Gender = “Female”)
-> *set him “her”
-> *set his “hers”
-> *set she “she”
-> *goto
-> *set him “him”
-> *set his “his”
-> *set she “he”
-> *goto

Then, if I need it, I just put ${him} which changes it to him or her depending on the gender, and so on. For gender variables for more than one person I change the
*set him “her” bits to things like
*set shim “her”
with the s identifying WHO.

EDIT: A smidgen more of advice, even though you might find it easier to do it a different way, for gender, to make it work with the what I put above, you can also put it in as
*create Gender “”

Then when they choose their gender you can just put it as
*set Gender “female” and so forth

And last thing, about writing their name? I think what you want is this

#My name is-
-> *input_text name
-> *set Name “$!{name}”