How often does the Heart's Choice Pinned Topic get updated?

Basically as the title says. I see the CoG and HG posts regularly get updated with new titles, progress, and even Steam links, but it seems like the HC post doesn’t get updated as often. I know there are far fewer HC titles, but I’ve seen betas and new titles get announced without ever appearing in the post, so I was curious.

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It was just updated for the first time in a year.


So happy to see after all this time in HC we finally have a game with specifically only female romances that lets you play a male character with Scandal Notes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I feel really bad being the bearer of bad news, but I think you may have misread something :confused:

Scandal Notes by Evelyn Price, f-m/f.

It seems to be a female MC with male and female RO

I think they were actually right? / separates MC from RO according to the post. They give the example “f-nb/f” as “female or non-binary MC with female ROs”.

But I’m also pretty confused about the whole thing.

EDIT: I’ve seen the Steam page for the game and it’s actually female MC with male and female ROs (I’m happy tbh because I adore the author and I’m only interested in fem!MC x male RO). The tagging is misleading, though!! Should change that :thinking:

EDIT 2: God, okay, I was talking about Devil on Your Shoulder by Lisa Fox, not Scandal Notes. Scandal Notes doesn’t have a Steam page so I can’t check but they’re tagged exactly the same (f-m/f) SO NOW I’M EVEN MORE CONFUSED. No clue if they tagged Scandal Notes wrong or Devil on Your Shoulder. Can only confirm that DoYS is female MC with male and female(???) ROs. No freaking clue about Scandal Notes :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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:roll_eyes: It should say F/M-F then. Always put the slash between the readers gender options and the romance genders. Anyway the great seemingly never ending wait for a M (or F)/F romance game on HC continues… :unamused::sweat_smile:


m/m : PC male, romancing males
f/f : PC female, romancing females
f/m : PC female, romancing males
f/gv : PC female, romancing any gender
f-nb/f : PC female or nonbinary femme, romancing females

That last entry on how COG defines f-nb/f does seem to indicate by their logic that f-m/f on Scandal Notes and Devil on Your Shoulder should mean that you can play as a female or male character romancing only female characters. Unless someone made a mistake or terminologies have changed? I agree we need some clarification on those two games.

EDIT 2: As Kirlett says Devil on your Shoulder is definitely f/m-f so I would assume Scandal Notes will be the same and should be labelled as such. :pensive:

We know it was a mistake for Devil on Your Shoulder, based on the Steam blurb, so I think it’s probably a safe assumption that it was a mistake for Scandal Notes as well. I don’t know how thoroughly CoG staff read the forum, but if any of them reads this thread, they’ll probably change it right away.

I hope that post will be updated more regularly from now on. I think it probably will. I know it was something of a blow that the whole world shifted into pandemic mode before Heart’s Choice had had time to really find its footing as a new brand, but it seems to be picking up steam again, with a very promising lineup of games.


My understanding is that it’s male or female PC, female RO for Scandal Notes. But I’ll let the editor for the game correct me.

The same document tells me Devil on your Shoulder is female PC, male RO.


Seems like I was the one that misread something, I am sorry @derekmetaltron :see_no_evil:

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No worries, it’s easy to mix these things up. Happy to hear that Scandal Notes might be a first after all. :relaxed:

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It was notated incorrectly in my spreadsheet. It’s a female PC and male or female ROs.

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