How many parenthesis to get this to work?

I’ve run into a major problem:

*if ((spouse = "husband") or (spouse = "wife") or (spouse = "other") or (spouse = "unknown") or (spouse = "otherknown") or (spouse = "otherhated"))

The error message is that it expected no more tokens.
How do I get this to work?
I searched through the forums, but I haven’t yet found a topic on such an amount :confused:

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I think you need one set of parentheses per pair, so:

*if ((((((spouse = "husband") or (spouse = "wife")) or (spouse = "other")) or (spouse = "unknown")) or (spouse = "otherknown")) or (spouse = "otherhated"))

I think that’s the right number… :thinking:


thanks :smiley:
I still think I’ll never really wrap my head around these Dx

Might it be easier in this instance to check that spouse is NOT equal to something?


you might be on to something there
crawls under couch in embarrassment