How do you play the first time through a game? And why?

Forgive me if this has already been covered (I found some stuff similar, but not really answering the right question. I’ve sort of seen the types of characters the regulars like to play, but notsomuch why). Anyway, I was talking about the WIP I’m building with my counselor today and we started discussing what my role playing in these types of games “says about me”. And I realized it actually does say a bit about me, because I play to my ideal

(Or maybe I’m overthinking things because the class I’m in is presenting the history of Walgreens right now and I will never need to remember or use this information, even within the scope of this class).

When I’m playing one of the on-site games for the first time, I get a sense of the world and the stance I would take in it, and I tend to play a character who sticks to whatever ideals she has without compromising, regardless of whether or not it costs affection with someone. Because in real life I’m annoyingly malleable, and I talk myself out of speaking all the time just because I don’t want to invite judgment from others. I’m not always a pacifist, and I’ve been morally gray before-- I’ve definitely killed characters when I think they’re a problem-- but I do like being unflinching.

A friend of mine plays the games honestly the first route, trying to see how they would cope in those situations. They don’t worry about stats or winning, the first go, they just want to see what they would do withn the bounds of the game.

I’m not expecting deep psychoanalysis (a simple “Because it’s fun” works), but it did get me curious: When you’re playing a game for the first time (as you’re figuring out the world and don’t know what your choices will lead to), what do you aim for? Do you play yourself the first time through? Or an ideal you? Min/max a certain stat to “beat” the game? Do you try to kill as many people as possible?


Well, I “become” the character, and I do every action I would do, I try to make myself inside the world the author gives me. Once I finnish the book with “my path” I usually do what I call the “Jedi” path, the “Sith” path and the “***hole” path, being all good and neutral to everyone, all evil and focusing on myself and exploring random options to see the reactions xD


Not only that is the most easiest path, being the “character” for the first time, it also give us the broad idea of how the world will be. Once I beat a game, the next replay is usually all about getting achievements (which involves being that “goodguy” and “badguy” path just as @Josetrayamar stated)

Well, IDK tho if there’s someone out there that always play as a ruthless-maniac-killer on their first playthrough :rolling_eyes:

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I try to buy into the worlds premise and just go with the flow the first time.

If the game is not that immersive I just end up playing the goody-goody two shoes, because years of gaming has conditioned me to that being the optimal path which gives me maximum character interactions which is what I want.

If the game is good and immersive some kind of character emerge itself for me in the early parts and that is usually the character I stick with. Those characters tend to be darker, because I have always enjoyed villains in fiction a little more than heroes, they are so much more emotional and passionate and I enjoy passion. I really do. I am a sap, though and will always try to guide my MC to the best possible outcome for them. (Though, they may not always deserve it.)


I try and be a nice guy a guess then after that I just go crazy


Generally I like to play a fun character that tends to have a “Chaotic Neutral” personality. Any opportunity for the character to be witty or sarcastic is always a plus. Not sure why, those are just the kind of characters I enjoy playing most. :blush:


I definitely insert my own personality and choices into a character I am playing, though I wouldn’t say I play as “me.” And I have terrible NPC guilt, so I can never in good conscience bring myself to be meaner to another character than I would be to someone in real life, so no “full evil” play throughs for me! I’ve tried, even if just for the achievements, but I can’t do it. :sweat_smile:


My IRL personality tends to be more toward “Lawful Evil”… So I basically play the game as if I was there, meaning I tend to lean towards a more “ruthless” and pragmatic character, though I might be subtle about it… After all, you catch more flies with honey right? No need to show your competitors who you truly are until there is no longer any need for pretense. Let them think that you’re simply quiet and unobtrusive, then when they realize their mistake, it’s all the more hilarious!


First time playing the game, I usually just go with the flow. Appreciate the story, the characters, that kind of stuff.

But after that, the spirit of the mini maxer consumes my soul. And thus, the mini maxing begins.

There are exceptions though-specifically, Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven (there’s so many ways to make a kickass character WITHOUT mini maxing) and Community College Hero (the game barely has any mini maxing).

In those cases, the roleplayer side shows up. And, I’ll admit, I definitely have more fun roleplaying. Playing as your own made up character is much more fun than restarting every 2 seconds cuz you found a choice that was better.


I roleplay from the start; I try to understand the world and the characters of the game, and then decide what type of MC would fit in (I usually look at the stats the game gives me and go from there). As @AAO said, it’s a lot more fun playing as your own made up character.


I’m much like @bianca_065 in that I find a particular character, and choose based on what they would choose, whether or not it’s how I would react, or how best to play the game. Some of the characters I’ve created I’ve become very fond of, especially in the more moral-based stories like the old Vampire and Romance ones. It’s only after playing a few times through as different characters (up to about five, probably) that I start trying to get certain endings or achievements.


I don’t know if I so much am my character as it’s me under different circumstances. The last time I checked, I am woman and I’m pretty sure that hasn’t changed(TBH if I randomly became a guy I wouldn’t even be mad) so when I play a gay male, I feel it’s more of an extension of me, than the actual character that Inwould be, if that makes sense.

The thing is, I always play the same. Any other way feels odd, like I’m lying to myself. I am always that indirect hero that prefers to be a sneaky, sarcastic, charming person that acts indifferent, but can’t bear to let people get hurt. I think for a lot of us, it let’s us be who we hide from day to day life.

My first play through is normally the truest one personality wise. But it also holds qualities I think I would have. If I did have the power to save someone, I would do so without hesitation, but irl I may turn my head out of self preservation, knowing I cannot possibly win. Sometimes I choose the qualities I would like to have. I also do it a lot based on my interests. So like I said before, my first role playing playthrough is more of a better and more rounded me, but still me? I think that makes sense idk. Hell, I low key would love to turn into a gay male super soldier any day.


First playthrough, I always play as myself or as my ideal self. It helps me identify a lot more with the story, and get the emotion out of it. That’s a lot harder to do on a second playthrough, when you already know the plot and all the suprise and suspense is gone.

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I always try to get the most optimal path in almost all my first play through. Always having stat checks whenever I make a major choice and see if it has any impact and always try to get as much achievement as possible but if I find myself being immerse in the story more than playing then I just throw everything out the window and let my experience be as immersive as possible.

I like making my characters as close to me as possible. So, an ambitious, proud, ruthless person, who cares only about his family and girlfriend is pretty much what I play.

I play how the game version of myself would, I ignore stats and rely on making the most logical choices, which often gets me a bad end :frowning_face: .

If I’m stuck in a mansion with no TV or internet with two other people and can’t leave, I’d spend time with both people so they wouldn’t be bored , even if it’s a romance game and I need to choose one person like in The Crossroads.

If I need to choose someone to do a task, I’d probably choose the most competent one before choosing the one I want to romance or be friends with. I’d also feel sketchy about the person I just met or the person who tried to kidnap me, even if that locks me out of the romance.

I’d latter have a perfect replay where I accomplished everything I wanted and min-maxed my skills perfectly, if my first play wasn’t completely horrible.

I’m not sure if this answers your question but I try to find as many things as I can to relate to the MC and try to make my character as similar to me as possible

Depends on the game. With Telltale style games where I’m a defined character like Batman or Star Lord I’m usually thinking ‘now what would Bruce/Batman or Peter/Star Lord probably do?’. Granted there’s some flexibility with my own opinions of course. But then if I’m playing an original character like Lee and Clementine, Rhys and Fiona or Jessie then there’s probably more what I think comes naturally in my choices. Same with other non Telltale stuff like Max and Chloe or Commander Shepard or Scott Shelby or whatever.

With the text games my first run is nearly always gut instinct and usually me being more heroic and nice, cause that’s how I roll, baby. I am pretty sure I secretly want to be a super hero so I act like a super hero. Though occasionally there’s a game like Guen where there’s a character with a specific gender and a personality I figure I can define more. Guen is actually interesting as a game because I probably play her like if Arthur was me and she was my love interest, so I play her more like what I would want in a love interest, if that makes sense!


There’s a Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale game!? :astonished: help I don’t have time in my life right now

Me too, tbh. Superpowers, people to rescue, and obvious villains would make life so much clearer…
Though, sometimes I enjoy playing a really cynical, skeptical character if the story suggests it.

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Oh yes, it’s had three of five episodes so far and its really fun, especially with out it plays with the relationships between Peter and the other Guardians. It’s its own universe and canon though it’s clearly very inspired by the movies and comics, plus there’s loads of funny moments with Drax, Rocket and the rest. And there’s an interesting story developing at the heart of it which tests your friendships with the various members of your team. So definitely check it out if you’ve time! Here’s the trailer for Episode 1 (no major spoilers here).

Super powers are awesome, so any game I can use them is fun. I am glad there are more super villain games coming so I can indulge my dark side better though.

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