How do I share my game (via Dropbox?)


Since Dropbox was changed a while ago, I’m a bit uncertain how I should proceed. I could just share the link for my game, but I don’t really like that idea. I want to be able to try it out myself before allowing others to play it, if that makes sense.

What do you suggest? :slightly_smiling_face:



I don’t believe it’s possible with Dropbox anymore. Most people use now.



I suggest using
You can set your playtest to private on it too.



@Outrageous & @spytim Oh! That sounds great you guys! :smile: (I’m totally out of the loop here)

Are there any guides for how to arrange that on this forum? I only saw ones mentioning Dropbox.

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This should have some instructions somewhere haha

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Ooh, thanks! I’ll give it a go! :smiley: :heart:

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