How do I get a Closed Beta started?

So, Sabres of Infinity is getting to a point where I should probably think seriously about a closed beta test to polish it all up before it could be launched as a hosted game. How do I go about that? Do I send an e-mail or something, or is there a more involved process?

I think it could be as simple as not sharing the link to the game with anyone but the beta testers. Seeing as you already have a link up everyone can access, get a new link to update the game on ( and give that link to people through pm

“Anyone can publish a game under the “Hosted Games” label. If you’ve finished a multiple-choice game written in ChoiceScript, just attach your “mygame” folder to an email and send it to us at hosted-submissions AT choiceofgames DOT com.”

@CJW’s right. Look forward to the beta test!