How can i make the set genders impact choices availabe?

Hello, I do not understand where i went wrong here.

I want to use the *set gender of the character to affect the choices available for them but it seems like i am doing something wrong here.

You have now grown into an adult…
*if gender “female” #Lady

i thought it would not be any different just like how attribute values are used to impact choices like

*if (agility =30) #“Dodge”

but it seems like i thought wrong here since i am getting an error

can i get some guidance please…

If you put brackets around it the same way as you did the “dodge” example, it should work:

*if (gender = "female") #Lady.

oh, thank you.

will this command also work?

Huh, I thought the choice option had to be indented on the line bellow, like this:

How do you want them to address you?
    *if (gender = "female")
    *if (gender = "male")
    *if (gender = "nonbinary")

Is that not necessary?

Maybe I’m mixing it up with something else?

you mean like…

    *if (agility = 30)

guess that also works. but i Always done it like

    *if (agility = 30) #Dodge

I’d put an extra pair of parentheses so it’s
*selectable_if ((task = “mind”) or (task = “speed”))
just to be on the safe side (and because my brain parses it better), but I’m not sure if that’s strictly necessary. Other than that, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

It doesn’t have to be laid out with the extra indent for *choice, but it does for *fake_choice. At least it did when I was first learning, and without implicit control flow.