How can I compile and then share my game via email?

if I compiled a quick game is it possible for me to share it to someone via email and have them play it?

Yes, you can compile the game and share it as long as you don’t charge for it (afaik).

here is some info on how to do it.

This is the official link for the compiler/tester

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I really hope it’s not as complicated as the link I just click on what I just read because if it is to me it seems like it was a waste of time to download choice script if this is what I have to go through!

It is really not that complicated. just download the rar from the link.
Open the compile.html file. I’ll prompt you to load your folder with all your *.txt from your game, then it’ll compile your game and you can download it and share that file.
If you can write a simple interactive story using the choice script you can for sure do those steps to compile a game. Just follow the instructions, if you encounter any trouble don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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Have you tried making a quick sample game?

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That’s what I was planning on doing but I wasn’t sure if I could just share a game that easily so I just wanted to make sure it could be done because most of the time people post the demo to the site I’ve never really heard of people just sharing a game so easily to someone

CS package itself contains “compile.html” file that will pack your game into a playable .html file. You, then, can send the .html file around as this is how people would play your game: in a web browser. eliminates the requirement of compiling by allowing you to simply upload the code you write. The site then generates a link that contains the “compiled” version of the game code you’ve uploaded, so people simply share the link rather than the actual .html file.


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